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Crystal Saga 2 Review

By BwwDtt | 27 November 2019
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Crystal Saga 2 is a browser-based free-to-play MMORPG in a fantasy setting, developed by R2Games.

  • Seven different character classes
  • Flexible combat system
  • Pretty visual style
  • Lots of collectible pets and companions

Crystal Saga Gameplay

Main game activities of the Crystal Saga 2 is the same as in previous part. To tell the long story short, CS2 is a CS1 with upgraded graphics and some additional features. Even the plot of the game is the same as in the previous part.

The new major features in this part of the game are new challenges. There are plenty of them: Mega Secretonia, an event with ten levels and two bosses and lots of elite monsters, or World Overlord and four epic beasts that protect it. There are also different City events, where you can obtain useful items.

The game still has various PvP arenas, where you can participate with other players, and PvP challenges, such as daily arena events, and unique competition modes.

The game also has some new systems, such as star map, chi system, or monster handbook. The first ones used to improve the skills of your character and increase the stats. The Monster handbook also used for this purpose, but it has an additional functional: you can adsorb different monsters and keep them in your collection.

The game still has various pets, mount and Pixies. The pet system has some improvements: you can pick one battle pet and six supporters. They also can be evolved and morphed into new forms. Mounts also can be upgraded and changed. Pixies are still non-battle companions that provide stats boosts.

The Crystal Saga 2 is a charming fantasy MMORPG with lots of exciting activities. It's not very different from the previous part, so it's suitable for fans of the series; it also has immersive and smooth gameplay, that might be interesting for casual players. Since the game is browser-based, it has low specs and might be played even on the weakest PCs.

Crystal Saga 2 Classes

Crystal Saga 2 has seven classes with different abilities and characteristics. All of them available both for male and female characters.

  • Knight — a basic close-combat class with severe damage and stamina. These heroes can wear the most massive armour to protect their bodies from enemy attacks. Knights usually attract the enemy's attention, while other teammates can use their abilities properly.
  • Priest — the main support class, with lots of healing skills and buffs. Heroes that belong to that profession can use spiritual energies to protect their allies. Priests always need to be protected by other teammates because they have low damage rank.
  • Ranger — a ranged damage dealer that uses bows and complicated trap systems as a weapon. It's one of the most dominant classes in duel combat. In PvE battles, Ranger needs to be protected by Knight, because they can't fight appropriately under the straight enemy's attack.
  • Mage — an adept of elemental magic, a skilful master of ice and fire. Heroes of this class have low HP rate, but they're serious jeopardy for enemy crowds.
  • Rogue — a quick melee warrior, a perfect choice for players that prefer stealth missions. They can hit the enemy and disappear the second after that.
  • Beastmaster — a pet class with lots of useful crowd-control skills. These heroes also can summon pets and companions to protect the allies.
  • Shifter — a class of heroes that can transform into the beast. They have high HP, stamina, and increased level of damage after shapeshifting.