"Dark Heart of Skyrim" in ESO was completed with the release of DLC "Markarth"

Elder Scrolls Online Free-to-Play Markarth DLC

The latest addition to "Dark Heart of Skyrim" called "Markarth" was released for MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. The expansion completes a colossal storyline of the year-old adventure. It is available free of charge to all ESO Plus subscribers, and others can buy for crowns in the in-game store.

In addition to other content, in "Markarth" players can explore two new locations, the Reach and Arkthzand Caverns, and find there many new quests, world bosses, as well as a lair, dark storms and more. In the story, you will have to join forces with the others and fight with the new powerful opponents. Also, the game received a new single arena Vateshran Hollows.

Together with the release of DLC developers released a free update 28, which introduced the ability to add sets of equipment in the collection menu and recreate them on the transmutation device, and changed the interface of craft orders.