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DarkOrbit: Reloaded Review

By BwwDtt | 04 November 2019
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DarkOrbit: Reloaded is a space-combat MMO game, developed by Bigpoint Games in 2006.

  • High-quality action game
  • Unusual gameplay with interesting mechanics
  • Constant updates and challenges
  • Great soundtrack and visual style

DarkOrbit: Reloaded Gameplay

The DarkOrbit: Reloaded is a spaceship control simulator. In this game, you will have to explore different parts of space, team up in a clan with other players to discover new horizons together, and participate in a breathtaking dynamic PvE and PvP battles.

When you log in the game for the very first time, you will have to choose your game faction. All of them are in complicated relationships with each other. There are three main factions at the moment:

Earth Industries Corporation (EIC). The headquarters of this corporation is located in the orbit of the Earth. This faction is led by a Reginald “Admiral Blueblood” Crowley, who loves to read notations to his colleagues and believes that all problems can be solved for money.

Mars Mining Operations (MMO). A powerful corporation whose headquarters is located in the orbit of Mars. Your family tree or wealth is not essential for this party; all that is required of you is to collect raw materials and destroy the enemies of MMO. This party is lead by Morgus “The Morgue” Petterson, a griff bounty hunter.

Venus Resources Unlimited (VRU). The headquarters of the ICG is in the orbit of Venus. In simple words, the main idea of ​​this fraction is to achieve your goals with the help of your mind and modern technologies. The leader of the VRU is Vanessa “Fluffy Dagger” Arkadium.

After you select a faction, you will need to go through the chain of initial quests. Starting tasks are in comfortable PvE zones where only bots can attack you, but after a few tasks, you will be sent to PvP sectors where other players can attack you. Be careful and be polite towards other ship pilots, because spoiling relationships with them can be hazardous now.

PvE quests in this game are quite uniform and represent a monotonous grind of enemies and resources. This type of tasks is needed more to get comfortable in the game than to enjoy the process.

In addition to PvE quests, you will often be given tasks to battle with players of other factions, since they all fight among themselves. PvP battles in Dark Orbit are striking in their scope and number of participants. You can participate in the struggle both alone and as part of a clan, which will increase your chances of winning and help keep the ship intact until the end of the battle.

One of the most exciting game mechanics is the ability to build and buy new spaceships and improve them. You can purchase new ships for in-game currency and premium currency. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your preferences, premium players have significant advantages in the game.

After buying a ship, you can improve its parts: weapons, armour, put additional modules on it. There are several types of basic equipment: Lasers, Missiles, Generators and Other. You can also buy Drones that will repair your ship and accompany it in battle.

Dark Orbit is an excellent game for space fans. It has much in common with Eve Online, but it is entirely browser-based and does not require a modern computer to run so that you can enjoy it even on a weak PC. Also in Dark Orbit, there is a 3D-mode with impressive graphics and controls. If you want to try something interesting in the genre of space battles, then this is the game for you.