Dauntless Reforged will be released in December

Dauntless Reforged Release December 2020

Studio Phoenix Labs presented a significant update of Dauntless Reforged for a cooperative action game Dauntless, which is designed to change the hunting in the Cracked Islands completely. The pace of the game will be transformed, and players no longer have to load into each hunt individually, as tracking and patrol will be removed. Instead, the developers will offer a more advanced type of hunting with a deep progression system.

The shortlist of the main Dauntless Reforged innovations is as follows:

  • A new type of Hunting grounds;
  • 17 redesigned islands and one brand new island for Hunting grounds;
  • gliders;
  • events on the islands;
  • the progression system "Tracker's Way";
  • new mechanics of class experience;
  • redesign of the prestige system;
  • redesign of equipment improvements.

The developers also announced that Dauntless would be released on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 with the launch of consoles. However, they did not specify what kind of improvements will receive nextgen version but confirmed support for cross-platform multiplayer.