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DDTank Review

By BwwDtt | 29 February 2020
Average: 6.4 (5 votes)

DDTank is a turn-based 2D MMORPG game, developed by NGames.

  • Many social-based activities
  • Various game modes
  • Cartoon-like stylish graphics
  • Unique visual style

DDTank Gameplay

This 2D browser-based game presents vivid graphics, relaxing soundtrack and stylish visual style, which looks almost hand-drawn. It has many similarities with other browser shooter games, for example, "Worms". This MMO will take you to the universe filled with dungeons and quests. There is an opportunity to explore animated locations with two main modes: Adventure and Sports. The world is presented in the form of a map; you can click on the buildings to occupy your character with careless shopping or exciting meetings with frequent players from the community.

This MMO is packed with action, and you can start your battles within seconds and finish them in ten minutes. Pursue the quest to level up your hero and make it stronger. The majority of game elements will be unlocked within the first hours of the play. Be aware of various playing styles, ranging from boss raids to PvP fights. During the PvP battles, the player with the highest luck rate and the most scaled up artefacts can get a second turn. The statistics and HP can be seen on the panel below the action bar. Unfortunately, the PvP supports only four users at a time, but you can always co-play with your friends and create a team in the PvE mode.

It is possible to socialize with other users through the chat or the friends' list. You can take your relationships to the next stage by marrying your partner in a church.

In the beginning, DDTank doesn't offer any classes or skills for the heroes, and there is no necessary customization for facial features or hairstyles. You can select a gender, and any further style conversions can be gathered as you complete the assigned tasks. Personalization of your character can only happen when you dress them with the collected items. The most expensive ones can be purchased through the in-game store. Each weapon releases new attack effects. Some can transfer you to another place on the field. Personalize your character with a significant number of available outfits and gear. Rarely will you find a player with the same looks as your hero.

The environments where you will challenge your hero are easily destructible, which will prevent you from continually hitting in the same place. The more you will attack, the more covered the enemies will be, which makes the game harder than it seems. When the force button is filled, it will expand your DPS rate. After completing the quest, you will choose a prize from one of many lottery chests. You can either select gold or costumes as a reward.

The better gear you have, the more damage it brings to the opponent. However, the presence of specific gaming skills and an accurate hit on the target may affect the outcome of the battle more than the actual equipment. To succeed, develop your strategy according to the wind and power parameters, enemy's position and their abilities. You can also use healing items or apply an infinite quantity of power-ups to create a competitive advantage. More practice will get you closer to mastering the attacks.

Another interesting fact about the game is that unlike most MMORPG games, here your character is unable to move. Thus, meaning there is extra planning required for every single level, as you are unable to dodge or hide from the attacks. Furthermore, this feature balances the energy aspect, as it will be purely dependent on the time and effort you put in your character as well as some reaction time, to stop the dining bar.

Besides, this game contains exclusive VIP perks. They will expand the content of the game by adding new locations to the quest or promoting additional rewards for completing the level. Some of the dungeons and bosses are only available for VIP players. Still, the gameplay is quite balanced.