Demo version of Balan Wonderworld will be released next week

Balan Wonderworld Platformer Game Demo Version

Next week, the developers from Square Enix will reveal the demo version of Balan Wonderworld. This game is a 3D platformer designed by Sonic the Hedgehog's creators. The demo version's release on consoles is scheduled for January 28th; it will appear on P.C one day later.

Balan Wonderworld is an incredible action-platformer, the action of which is built around the Balan Theater. Emma and Leo, the stars of a troupe run by the mysterious maestro Balan, use the abilities of different costumes in a grotesque and bizarre Wonderworld, where memories and dreams from the real world merge with other magic things. Twelve tales await Emma and Leo in Wonder World, none of which are like any other. The heroes can explore every corner of the labyrinthine levels full of riddles and traps to get to the heart of each story.

The demo will offer two hours of single-player or co-op play for two. Using the suits' abilities, you'll find Balan statues and secret minigames in each level. In co-op mode, you'll take control of the show's stars, Leo and Emma, allowing you to combine a variety of skills and access new paths not available to a single player. To activate the co-op, you need to plug in a second gamepad and press any button.

Balan Wonderworld will be released on March 26th on P.C. (Steam), PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.