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DemonsAreCrazy Review

By BwwDtt | 28 October 2019
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DemonsAreCrazy is a fresh free-to play mix of first-person shooter, Hack-and-Slash, and MOBA developed by the Bigbug Studio.

  • Arena mode (PvP)
  • Full campaign with a storyline
  • Free Open World
  • Lobbies to play with your friends

DemonsAreCrazy Gameplay

DemonsAreCrazy is not the usual FPS game; in fact, this is a mix of first-person shooter, Hack-and-Slash, and MOBA. In DAC, you can not only fight bosses, but also upgrade and customize your character however you want. So you need to spend a lot of time to find new equipment and think about your strategy to win.

All campaigns and raid bosses in-game are also designed to have a medium to top range of difficulties, and you need to build your team to survive. Remember, this is Hell.

DemonsAreCrazy Gameplay based on co-op fighting versus bosses to gain XP and new rare items. But also you can fight with real people in PvP Arena mod and ranked up yourself. Also, you can craft items from materials customize your demons to be on top and get the status of Satan.

Explore an open world full of adventures absolutely for free. World of DemonsAreCrazy is a free-for-all zone where more than 30 players can play in. Be careful inside, demons can kill each other, but you can do it too. There is an excellent area to go and test your demon skill out or have fun in PvP mod. Also, there are often random events and Raid bosses spawning in this area, which you can hunt with your friends for exclusive event rewards.

Game modes list

Arena mode (PvP)

The Arena mode (PvP) is the primary game mode in DemonsAreCrazy. This competition is based on seven deadly sins, and each location represents one sin. Each arena has its own rules and purpose, but each of them has the same essential elements:

Level and EXP — Demons in Arena mode have a separate level and EXP, which begins with level 1. Demons get much more EXP inside the arena and develop quickly, but the awards received here don't sum up with the other locations' score.

Item and Arena Shop — All players start playing in the arena with 300 copper and automatically receive an additional 130 copper every minute. They are only for use inside the current arena store, and all purchased items disappear when you move to the next level.

Campaign Mode (PvE)

Campaign Mode (PvE) is a secondary game mode that allows players to form a team and challenge different goals for extra rewards and unique equipment. The PvE can be accessed by talking to the Hanging Demon in WarChamber. You can enter a regular campaign at any time, or join a time-limited unique event campaign. Participation in this mode requires a specific amount of energy.

Campaign Level & EXP — The campaign mode starts with the scripted scenario and level of devils. All gained progress is lost after completion of the stage; players can receive only the final EXP and Copper numbers.

Open World (free MMO)

Open World is a zone for free players which can contain up to 20-40 demons. In Open World mode, all demons can kill each other with unlimited re-spawn. Special events and Raid boss battles often happen in this area, and you can kill the Event Creeps for extra items.

Level & EXP — in Open World mode, all demons are spawned at the current level. Killing any demon in this mode will not affect the player's stats; you will have to seek unique Event Creeps to earn some EXP. A killed Raid Boss also drops the reward and EXP for all players in the entire area.

Event creeps — random enemies usually spawn in the World during specific events. If you defeat one of these creatures, you will receive exclusive items that can be traded in the event shop.

Raid boss — a kind of the most powerful creatures that spawn in OpenWorld Area. It often requires a high-level team of 10+ players to defeat the boss. This kind of enemies provides the highest amount of EXP and rewards for battle.

DemonsAreCrazy Characters

DemonsAreCrazy has a massive pool of characters that you can choose. In total, it counts 18 characters. You need to pick one of them to start to fight with other players. With every new update, game developers drop new demons with unique skills and stats.

Full list of characters in DemonsAreCrazy

Battle Style: Third-Person Hack and Slash

  • Wiktor is the ultimate killing machine that wants to take revenge on his creator.
  • XunWu is the demonic monkey king. His only desire is to burn all the worlds to ashes.
  • Matti is a trickster serial killer who loves to scare unsuspecting people.
  • Hermont is a terrifyingly powerful ice monster.
  • Amy is a cute little chimera who uses a mythical hammer.
  • Iaron is a demon executioner that sacredly honors the laws of Hell.
  • Nija has no back story, but she is agile and dangerous.

Battle Style: Tanker

  • Mhaou is the professional hell warrior. He is seething with rage and will not leave a living place from the enemies.

Battle Style: Third-Person Caster

  • Menalisa is the eccentric witch who put on love curses on her enemies. She fights to save her husband from death curse.
  • Fay is an arcane wizard. Her magic is powerful and colossal, while Fay herself is often shy.
  • Troth is the necromancer that uses ancient spells to create his army.

Battle Style: Healer

  • Ishtar has no background, but she is a fantastic healer.

Battle Style: First-Person Shooter

  • Killjoy is the evil clown who uses his illusion magic just for fun.
  • Mim is the demonic brain with I.Q. 666. It also has three top heads.

Battle Style: Third-Person Slasher

  • Oyama is a mysterious, lonely samurai.

Battle Style: Third-Person Shooter

  • Verin has no background, but he is a robust long-range character.
  • Barbas is a dangerous robot-killer.
  • Rodeobob is a Mexican horse-skeleton.

DemonsAreCrazy System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 700+
  • CPU: 2 Ghz+
  • File Size: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 8

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 900+
  • CPU: 4 Ghz+
  • File Size: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 8