Demonstration of MMORPG Mad World in the new trailer

MMORPG Mad World Gameplay Trailer December 2020

Netmarble revealed a new trailer of the dark fantasy 2D MMORPG Mad World on their original YouTube channel, which demonstrates the features of the upcoming game. The developers have shown the battles with numerous monsters, battle against the boss, customization and development of skills, and much more.

The game features a massive skill tree, which is very similar to the skill system in games like Path of Exile. This aspect allows players to customize a considerable amount of unique character builds. However, some players may find it quite challenging to understand the mechanics of this system. In total, users can begin to develop the build starting from one of several branches, which will eventually lead to the essential skills and incrustation gems. There are more than a few hundred perks available for development in the game.

Among the features of the game, there are an unusual drawing style, dynamic non-target combat system, unique game engine, widescreen PvP mode "Battle Zone", and cross-platform play. There will be no classic playable classes (all skills depend on the weapon you found and the abilities you develop). There are also all other components of MMORPG, like giant bosses, quests, dungeons and more.

Mad World is a cross-platform free-to-play isometric 2D MMORPG, available on PC, browser and mobile devices running iOS and Android. The project was developed by Asian studio Jandisoft and is based on HTML5. The release date of this project is still not revealed, but the developers share a lot of interesting information about the development on their Discord and Facebook pages.