Demonstration of new skills of the "Heist" League in Path of Exile

Path of Exile Heist League Skills Reveal and Patch 3.11.2

One of the innovations of the "Heist" add-on for Path of Exile will be new skills. They have powerful AoE effects which allow to control and cause damage to enemies. The developers described the new abilities in the recent article; in total, four new skills will be implemented in the game.

In addition to the new league, Path of Exile will receive a next patch 3.11.2, which will mainly affect the technical aspects of the game. The developers plan to change the data storage method, which will bring many benefits for players and developers. The next updates will be installed faster, the download speed and audio support will be improved, many minor bugs will be fixed, and performance increased. However, the main disadvantage of the patch is the need to re-download the game. Users will not have to delete anything manually because the data will be automatically re-downloaded.