Developers of Ashes of Creation shared new details about the development

Ashes of Creation Development Update Live Stream 2020

Developers of fantasy MMORPG Ashes of Creation again streamed a live broadcast, where they discussed the progress in Alpha 1, the creation of cosmetic items and the various ways to customize the equipment of the character. The art team presented images of creatures, armour, as well as places and objects of the environment.

Now there is an active preparation for Alpha 1: the world is filled with creatures, new tasks appear, the characteristics are being reworked, the combat system is being finalized, and the lighting is improving. Also, the studio will soon start searching for new talented developers who would like to join the development team of AoC.

One of the most significant features of the project will be the raid system: the developers are planning to allow players to kill raid bosses by large groups of players. Firstly, the power of the boss will be appropriately scaled, and secondly, it will not be possible to gather a large crowd quickly. It will be much faster and more profitable to play in the medium-size group, rather than wait for a lot of people.

Even though the game has a lot of content for solo gameplay, Ashes of Creation is a massively multiplayer online game which is created primarily for large groups of players. In Alpha 1, the available game map will become much more extensive and detailed. New NPCs, enemies and constructions will appear. The environments will be improved with the new biomes, including the jungle, and much more will be introduced soon.

Ashes of Creation Development Progress
Developers of Ashes of Creation introduced the Cleric archetype a couple of weeks ago, and it's really impressive

As for the equipment and armour, everything is quite simple: with an increase in the level of the character, players will have access to better items. Each cosmetic item can only be used on one hero, and the developers honestly admitted that it's made to generate additional income because development requires a lot of money. Characteristics of the hero will not be tied to the types of equipment, and any class can use any equipment.

As for PvP, all characters have the "Peaceful" status until they attack another player. It is impossible to switch to PvP mode manually yet. It's not enough to click on the player with the mouse to attack: you need to press a special key combination. You will also not see another player's health until you start PvP with them.

There are special zones with free PvP, such as sieges, caravans, battlefields and so on. There you can attack other players without being afraid to cast a curse. If in a zone with no free PvP you attack the enemy and they will fight back, you will not get the curse.

During the upcoming short stress test, unique NPCs will be available for the fast travel; they will be removed in the release version of the game. After the alpha test, the location of civilized strongholds will also be changed, so that the test participants will not have an advantage in finding essential places.