Developers of Corepunk announced new CBT date

Corepunk MMORPG Characters, Guilds and CBT

The start of closed beta testing of cyberpunk MMORPG Corepunk was scheduled for the winter of 2020, but in the last quarterly update, the developers postponed this date. Now, this stage is expected to launch only in the spring of 2021.

There are several reasons for this delay: the development team was affected by Covid-19 and seasonal fly. Since August of this year, management allowed everyone to work from home, and now about half of the team is working remotely. The decision to move the release date was also influenced by recent releases of WoW: Shadowlands and Cyberpunk 2077.

In the same quarterly update, developers shared new details about Corepunk. First of all, they revealed the cooperation with the creators of the Unity engine. The team has received a lot of valuable information about performance weaknesses, which helped to provide faster and more stable performance. Also, they're planning to begin a collaboration with Multiplay to use their technology which will allow the game to handle peak loads easily.

Playable Characters Corepunk Bomber
One of the available heroes in Corepunk is Bomber who can throw bombs and destroy huge hordes of enemies

Another aspect mentioned by the developers is the guild system. Once you reach level 10, you will receive an opportunity to register a new guild by talking to a specific NPC and paying a starting fee. All members will have access to the guild bank, chat room, ranking system and more. Guild levels will increase for completing in-game activities, including guild quests. Almost all of them must be completed as part of a group, but there are also single-player missions.

Each guild will have a rating, which can be increased by completing certain quests. The overall rating of each guild is displayed in the general statistics on the server and is updated weekly. The increase in ranking depends on the number of active guild members and its size — small but active guilds may gain points easier than large guilds with many inactive players.

Also, the developers opened the official website about the heroes of Corepunk. Only three of them are available there at the moment, but the developers promise to share details about the other playable characters in the future.