The developers of Elyon shared the new training video

A:IR Elyon Craft System Video Kakao Games 2020

Kakao Games has published a new tutorial video showing gameplay, information about subject levels and how to improve them in fantasy MMORPG Elyon. The video details essential aspects of the game, but the video is available only in Korean.

The new video shows different types of equipment quality, inlay functions, enchantment improvement, and more. According to the developers, players in Elyon can defeat a powerful enemy even with low-level equipment.

Earlier Kakao Games released a short training video dedicated to the combat system of Elyon. The game will offer a vast number of skill settings, as well as artefacts and runes that affect the battles. Formerly known as Project W and A:IR, Elyon will be released on December 10, 2020, in South Korea. As for the global market, the game will become available worldwide in the second quarter of 2021.