Developers of Escape from Tarkov announced a big content update

Escape from Tarkov Update Gameplay Screenshot

Developers of hardcore MMOFPS Escape from Tarkov announced a significant update 0.12.7. with balance corrections and new content. The release date of 0.12.7 patch wasn't revealed yet. Most likely, it will be installed within the next several weeks.

First of all, the creators will implement a new report system which can be used to report suspicious players. This feature will help the developers to fight with cheaters and make the community less toxic.

The update also will add two types of weapons: grenade launcher FN GL 40 and shotgun Mossberg 590a1; new scav boss "Sanitar" and quests associated with it. The "Customs" map be extended by 30-40%, and the new AI will make NPCs to get into groups, pick up things, check the weapons, and much more. Battles will also become more tactical. However, there are much more details about an upcoming update, and you can find the full patch note on the official website of Escape from Tarkov.