Developers of Frozen Flame revealed the Ancient Valley location

Frozen Flame Ancient Valley Location

Dreamside Interactive studio published a short video clip showing the Ancient Valley location from the upcoming RPG survival game Frozen Flame. As the official description states, these vast plains had beckoned people since the days when they were prey for dragons.

Previously, settlements were founded only in dragon-proof places: mountains, forests, icy slopes and underground caves. As they developed, mastering magic and the art of titan creation, people could recapture the plains and establish routes of communication between their settlements.

The area was severely damaged during the invasion. Settlements were ravaged, and their inhabitants died or joined the monsters. Fortunately, the Curse did not affect nature much, unlike the lands closer to the Ice Citadel.

Frozen Flame will be released in early access in Spring 2021. The project's main feature is the emphasis on the RPG component, because of which aspects of survival have been shifted to the second plan. The development of characters and their impact on the world is now at the forefront. In addition to RPG gameplay, planned to develop and social aspect—more communication, comfortable cooperative gameplay, etc.

Frozen Flame Ancient Valley Location Open World
The impact on the world includes letting the players decide what happens to their realm. It will prosper if the heroes defend it, or it will decay and die. The death of worlds does not mean their closure or reloading. All of them will have a chance to be reborn, but it won't be easy.

The developers have plans to redesign the World of Arcana in Frozen Flame to make it more lively and exciting. Microbiomes will be more different and contain new creatures and resources. Promise a large number of puzzles, missions, activities for a variety of gameplay. For example, there will be a challenge system, where heroes will challenge their skills and ingenuity.