Developers of Gran Saga revealed new gameplay video

Gran Saga Elite Bosses Gameplay Trailer February 2021

Cross-platform anime MMORPG Gran Saga will be released on PC and mobile devices in 7 days, on January 26th in South Korea. On this occasion, Npixel continues the promotional campaign for their game and releases a new trailer in which gameplay scenes are diluted with pieces of cutscenes. The characters of the upcoming game are fully voiced. You'll also see the variety of NPCs that players will have to meet on the road of adventure.

NPIXEL has revealed a new video showing battles against elite monsters in fantasy MMORPG Gran Saga's YouTube channel. Such opponents have a unique appearance, which is different from ordinary enemies, and also exclusive skills. Each of them uses all sorts of area attacks and forces players to move around the battlefield to avoid getting hit.

So far, the number of pre-registered players exceeds 5.05 million, which shows the high level of anticipation for the game. Gran Saga will be available to play for free; however, it will have microtransactions and GACHA with weapons inside.