Developers of KurtzPel revealed the new dungeon Abyss

KurtzPel New Dungeon Abyss Reveal Trailer Screenshot

Anime-style Action RPG KurtzPel has received plenty of MMORPG elements with the latest major update. Among other things and upcoming features are full-fledged dungeons that can be passed in a group (previously PvE-content included only battles with bosses).

The developers have published a short teaser of the new dungeon called Abyss. Unfortunately, you can not see the gameplay in the revealed trailer, but you still can explore the local environment and the silhouettes of enemies which will attack the hero. This dungeon update will be released on December 16, 2020. As for the upcoming updates, KOG studio will add more full-fledged dungeons. Players in a group will go through individual sections, battling with a lot of monsters and getting closer to the final boss.

In addition to other features, the developers changed the mechanics of the character development too. Players will be able to earn experience in the dungeons and level up to enhance the characteristics. The fighting power will also change according to the received bonuses of the equipment, which has a gradation of quality and different parameters. The equipped items will only affect the battles in PvE, but not in PvP.