Developers of MMORPG Elyon revealed gameplay of the new class Slayer

Slayer Class Fantasy MMORPG Elyon February 2021

The developers of the fantasy MMORPG Elyon have published a short gameplay video showing the new class Slayer's abilities. It lasts just 12 seconds, but it is enough to check out the gameplay style and abilities. You can notice that compared to last year's demonstration, which was revealed during G-STAR 2020, the class looks more dynamic and the skills have become more spectacular.

A full-length gameplay trailer, dedicated to Slayer, the developers plan to publish on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. The new playable class will appear in the game with the update release, which is expected on February 3, 2021.

Slayer is a playable class armed with a two-handed sword and equipped with heavy armour. His attacks are relatively slow, but this class's feature is the ability to enter berserk mode, making the character more rapid and dangerous.