Developers of PUBG announced Season 10

The developers of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds have announced the imminent start of season 10, along with which the game will also feature a lot of new content. The season starts on December 16 on PC and the 17th for Xbox, PlayStation and Stadia.

One of the key innovations will be an exclusive Haven map for Season 10. It will offer a small area of 1x1 sq. km with the urban area. Also, a new faction of The Pillar will roam the streets of villages and towns, attacking all nearby players.

People under the control of bots from the new faction of The Pillar will wander on the battlefield and watching, immediately attacking players. However, their main target is not users. They only guard the hiding places with level 3 extraction. To further prevent the theft of items from the cache, the organization also brought a special armoured car "Pillar tactical truck". The latter moves from place to place on the roads and destroys careless players with Molotov cocktails and powerful tools.

Another new mechanics is the Pillar scout Helicopter. It tracks down potential lute kidnappers from the air using a searchlight. Subsequently, the intruders are followed by a Pillar tactical truck.

Another new mechanics exclusive to the Haven card was the Emergency parachute. Since the area has a mass of high-rise buildings and rises, the threat of falling from the height becomes more significant. In order not to crash, survivors can use the new Emergency Parachute.

Fresh Survivor Pass: Breakthrough is also closely linked to the Haven and The Pillar map. It will include various themed items, including the shape of "Pillars", hats, sunglasses and sets of street-style suits. Survivors will also be able to earn up to 1000 G-Coins and cover the cost of a Survivor Pass next season.