Developers revealed the gameplay of Cleric in Ashes of Creation.

Ashes of Creation Cleric Gameplay Abilities Reveal

During the last live broadcast, the developers of fantasy MMORPG Ashes of Creation shared a new gameplay video. It shows the abilities of Cleric archetype, which will be excellent healers in the group. The list of skills contains plenty of classic healer abilities:

  • Castigation — heats the target with holy energy, dealing the direct damage; it restores health and mana to nearby allies.
  • Benediction — heals up to three targets.
  • Hallowed Ground — creates an area that deals damage to enemies and heals allies.
  • Divine Censure — throws a shining spear at a target, dealing damage; when the target is attacked, the attacker has a chance to restore health.
  • Resurrection — restores a fallen ally.
  • Damnation — lays a curse on the target, dealing the holy damage and reducing the damage it causes.
  • Devotion — quickly heals an ally.
  • Exorcism — sacred power tears the soul of the target, dealing intermittent damage; at the end, an explosion of holy energy deals damage to nearby adversaries.
  • Judgement — the Holy Power crushes the target by dealing direct damage and reducing the damage it inflicts.

The first Ashes of Creation alpha test will take place from April 6th to May 6th, and three more stress tests are scheduled before that. You can find a detailed schedule here.