Developers revealed the gameplay of Ethereal: Clash of Souls

Ethereal: Clash of Souls Stream Gameplay Section Internal Testing 2020

Third Person MOBA game Ethereal: Clash of Souls is a project developed by the Undying Games studio. It is based on a closed game Paragon from Epic Games and therefore will contain some of its elements. The project is under development since the closing of Paragon. Unlike other similar projects, the game from Undying Games does not use Paragon assets but is created from scratch on the same engine. Earlier the developers published only character models and videos with map demonstration, and now you can watch at the full gameplay.

The developers conducted a live broadcast where they invited different content creators. They were allowed to play the early build of Ethereal: Clash of Souls on a map specially created for testing. There is only one line on it and only two towers — one on each side. The gameplay was available only for the hero named Dante.

The video published by the developers shows a pre-Alpha version of the game, which will be significantly improved for release. The main map will be large and multi-level, explicitly designed for 6v6 battles, and the gameplay will contain many features such as climbing, destruction of objects and so on. Unfortunately, the game still has no release date.