Developers of Stronghold: Warlords revealed the siege weapons and new gameplay mechanics

Stronghold Warlords FireFly Studios Siege Weapons Gameplay Screenshot

New gameplay video of medieval strategy Stronghold: Warlords is dedicated to different siege weapons. This video shows how players will be able to use bombs, mortars, carts with fire arrows and much more in combat.

During a siege, players will be able to destroy the defences with massive cannonballs or break through the walls of castles with ancient rocket launchers. The siege weapons are also useful during the defence of a castle, as the installation of a fire carriage can destroy the lightly armoured infantry of the enemy before it approaches the walls.

Stronghold: Warlords is a historical strategy in Stronghold series developed by Firefly Studios. In this game, players will have to take up the role of castle commanders, manage their economy, hire troops, attack others and defend their kingdoms. Stronghold: Warlords will be released on PC on January 26th, 2021.