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Dino Storm Review

By BwwDtt | 18 September 2020
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Dino Storm is a classic MMORPG with MMOFPS elements.

  • Dynamic Action Combat
  • Wide Variety of Dinosaurs
  • Classic RPG Elements
  • Tons of Weapons and Armour

Dino Storm Gameplay

The gameplay of Dino Storm starts with the customisation of your character. By choosing the colour of your skin and clothes, as well as the size of your hat and saddle, you will receive an opportunity to go exploring prairies, raiding wild dinosaurs' nests and battling big prehistoric animals. The dinosaur on which you have to travel will evolve, so it also needs to be developed.

Like any game in the genre of MMORPG, Dino Storm involves raising your level by simply developing your character. Gain bonuses by wandering around Dinoville and its environs and completing various quests. Turn your little dinosaur into a real giant and upgrade the laser cannon into a weapon of destruction.

Your playable hero is a cowboy armed with a laser cannon who has managed to tame a dinosaur. Riding one of these aggressive creatures, you will be able to explore the most hidden corners of the beautiful game world, engage in the fight against dinosaurs and other players, gain control of strategically important points, and appropriate income from gold mines. The game is mainly focused on PvE, while PvP plays a secondary role in Dino Storm.

There are several types of dinosaurs in the game, and all of them differ in appearance, capabilities and basic parameters: one has increased endurance and strength, others offer high speed and manoeuvrability, and so on. Frequent battles will not be in vain: your pet becomes more experienced, more skilful, more agile with every combat won. Their fangs sharpen, and their body weight increases with every opponent eaten.

In addition to other features, the developers of the game have provided players with a whole system of buildings. Build several mines, and the gold will flow into your pockets. However, don't forget that other players will try to take away your property, which means you have to build defensive structures to protect your land. Development is extremely important because it will determine movement speed, health indicators, damage multiplier and endurance. Types of dinosaurs are represented in large numbers.

Fame points are the currency of honour and importance in Dinoville. You can earn fame by completing quests, managing buildings and also by holding positions. You will be awarded extra Fame points for buying any fashionable items. If you are not active in the game, your Fame points are reduced. To raise your character's level, you need to gain a certain amount of experience points. Experience points are earned when completing quests and defeating opponents.

When you move to a new level, you will receive gold coins as a reward. Dino Storm uses dino-dollars and gold as main game currency. Dino-Dollars are exchanged for gold, and gold, in turn, can be earned or bought.