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Disc Space Review

By BwwDtt | 25 November 2020
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Disc Space is a massively multiplayer online competitive frisbee simulator.

  • Different gameplay style & Intuitive controls
  • 3vs3, 4vs4, and 5vs5 Game Modes
  • Cooperative multiplayer and modes against AI
  • Nice visual style

Disc Space Gameplay

Disc Space is a massively multiplayer online game that simulates a competitive frisbee game between two teams. The game is developed and published by one person — Vadim Slyusarev. The release took place on November 14th, 2020, but the game continues to be steadily improved. In one of the next updates, customization of the game character will become available.

Disc Space Gameplay
Disc Space is an online version of the Frisbee game based on a combination of rugby, handball, basketball and football.

The game is spectacular, players must act quickly and show strategic skills, and first of all, this is a contactless sport.

The team game involves two teams of 3,4,5 people, depending on the mode chosen, and the playing field measures 100x37 meters. The attacking team scores a point if its member catches a frisbee in the opponent's area of ​​the field. Teams try to prevent each other from seizing the disk, thereby occupying zones. With a frisbee, you cannot run, if a particular player catches the disc, he must stop and not lift one foot off the ground, and then pass the disc to a friend from the team. Frisbee that fell to the ground is transferred to another team, which in turn goes on the attack.

Game controls and tutorial system in Disc Space

Disc Space has intuitive controls. Besides, a short tutorial on the basics of the game is given in the screenshots at the beginning. After reviewing all the compactly presented information in these screenshots, you can immediately understand the rules of the game.

Control is performed by standard WASD keys, which are responsible for moving forward, backward, right and left. The spacebar is accountable for jumping. There is a sprint feature activated via the shift key. Throws are made using the left and right mouse buttons, depending on the side the player wants to throw the frisbee to.

Disc Space Tutorial
The game features customizable game controls and gamepad support.

Basic game mechanics

In-game effects

Depending on the situations that happen during the game, different effects may be applied to the players. For example, if the stamina is spent quickly and inaccurately, the user's character begins to fizzle out, and stars begin to circle over his head. Also, if two players of the opposite team surround the player holding the frisbee, then he can make a charged throw, which stands out with a fiery aura of the frisbee.

Emotion system and in-game communication

For players to show their emotions during the game, the developer of Disc Space has introduced an emoji system.

Disc Space Emotion System
Emotion System is a reaction wheel activated by a button, consisting of various emoticons.

When you select one of these emoticons, it is immediately highlighted above the player's head and visible to other users.

The game also has a chat function activated by the enter key. In the window that opens, players can write and send messages to each other.

Match setup

Disc Space has a separate match setup window. Here you can choose your specialization, appearance and team. When selecting a team, you can change its uniform colour and name. Also, if a player just wants to watch the match, and not take part in it, then he can go to the observer. There is also a separate window for viewing match statistics.

Visual style of Disc Space

Visually, Disc Space combines the styles of Low poly and 3D pixel art. Disc Space models and environments are composed of polygonal meshes in 3D computer graphics that have a relatively small number of polygons. As a consequence, the game has perfect optimization.

The game has a very well-designed environment, as well as the landscape around the field.

Disc Space Visual Style
The playground is surrounded by various original decorations.

The models and textures look very lovely. A separate word deserves the sky, which here is made in the form of open space.

The specialization system in Disc Space

The game has six different specializations, the choice of which will determine the role of the player in the team.

Disc Space Specialization
Each specialization has its differences in five parameters: stamina, character speed, recovery, disk curve and disk space.

  • The main class here is "Balanced". It is most suitable for beginners. The parameters of this class have the same average values. It is simple to operate and ideal for any role, whether it attacks or defends.
  • Handler is the second class suitable for players familiar with the game. Has a reduced recovery parameter, but significantly increased disk curve and disk space parameters. It is recommended as a pitcher or support.
  • Cutter is a specialization related to offensive defence. It has reduced disk curve and disk space parameters but has excellent recovery and speed parameters. Suitable for intercepting enemy passes and intercepting frisbees.
  • D-Machine is the best protection class. It has very poor disk curves and disk space but has the highest stamina and recovery rates among other specializations. It is ideal for preventing your opponent from catching frisbees in your area. It can also deftly block opponents' throws and intercept frisbees in flight.
  • Cannon is a class intended only as a pitcher. It has understated all stats, except for the disc curve and disc space, which, in turn, are the highest for this specialization.
  • Newbie is a second class for beginners who can't get used to the game. All parameters are slightly reduced, but more or less balanced. It has the highest recovery rate in the game - 200%.

Games Like Disc Space

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  • Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason is a 3v3 Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Game developed and published by Pathea Games. Each game is fresh and addictive thanks to its physics-based gameplay and an exciting variety of items and characters that ultimately allow players to experience new experiences in each game, as well as the ability to develop countless different strategies. As in Disc Space, here the player can choose any specialization he likes, however, differing not only in parameters but also in skills and appearance. Each character has strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities that can determine the outcome of the game. In both games, the gameplay takes place in an enclosed space of the playing field, where two teams try to score the maximum number of points. Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason plays a lot like Disc Space but is played with a giant soccer ball.
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Disc Space System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent
  • File Size: 200 MB available space
  • OS: Windows 7

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 280
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
  • File Size: 200 MB available space
  • OS: Windows 10