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Discworld MUD Review

By BwwDtt | 01 December 2019
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Discworld MUD is a browser-based online RPG in the setting of the Discworld, series of books by Terry Pratchett.

  • Flexible system of classes
  • Many different game roles
  • Exciting story quests
  • Lots of expansion content

Discworld MUD Gameplay

The world of Discworld MUD is massive, with lots of unique quests, places to visit, and other activities. This game has lots of content for roleplaying; it means you can create your own story with other players. Also, character development does not limit the player in anything. As many other text MUDs, Discworld has only text-based descriptions and ASCII graphics representing some aspects of the game, such as a map.

One of the main features in Discworld MUD is a flexible system of character development. There are no classes, but you can pick a guild and develop one of the skill trees, or several of them. Abilities have no maximum scale: you will be taught the skill until level 300, and after that, you can continue developing it on your own. To increase the rank of your abilities, you have to use XP points. There is an opportunity to learn skills in the guild, or from other players.

The game is player-driven in many aspects: it provides an opportunity to communicate not only with NPCs, but with other players, and the number of action commands is quite impressive. Moreover, you can participate in various social-based activities: for example, own a store and sell your goods to other players, or participate in politics and join the Council of magistrates.

Discworld MUD guilds

New players start at the Adventurers guild, that provides only primary skills.

  • Assassins: a guild of free mercenaries. There are four different divisions of this guild, each of which trains in separate skills, but the primary abilities for them are hiding, lockpick, and stealth.
  • Thieves: a guild of ignoble highly-trained mercenaries, who can execute any crime for decent pay. They have five specializations: Mugger, Cutpurse, Prowler, Safecracker and Smuggler.
  • Warriors: a guild for brutal fighters of all kinds. Here you can learn some various specializations, such as Palace Guard, Weapon Master or others.
  • Witches: a single guild of occult spellcasters, alchemists, and headologs. Witches have no subclasses.
  • Wizards: an organization based at the Unseen University. This guild has eight skillsets and nineteen orders.
  • Priests: a guild for dedicated adepts of one of the Seven gods. They have roughly the same abilities, that's just the training of worship for each of the gods takes place in different temples. Before you take the Priest speciality, you need to decide on the most suitable Patron for you. Here's the list of them:
    • Sek, the powerful God of destruction and battle;
    • Sandelfon, the God of corridors and balance of things. Lots of politicians, lawyers and administrators are worshipping him;
    • Pishe, the Goddes of slight showers. She focuses on growth and regeneration. This Goddes supports healers and herbalists;
    • Hat, the God of unexpected guests. He also patrons all kinds of parties, especially those that involve hide-and-seek games. This God supports travelling, meeting new people and new experience;
    • Gunfork, God of fluff. He supports soft and smooth aspects of life. Supporters of this God seek to improve the lives of other people;
    • Gapp, God of elegant clothing. Once a week, that God chooses fashionable clothing that provides buffs for his supporters;
    • Fish, God of the Fish. This Patron supports people who eat fish.