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DokeV Review

By BwwDtt | 01 April 2020
Average: 8.5 (6 votes)

DokeV is a creature-collecting open-world MMO developed and published by Pearl Abyss.

  • Various creatures to collect
  • Cartoon-styled graphics
  • Huge variety of the content
  • In-depth character customization

DokeV Gameplay

The game revolves around collecting various pets around the world. In DokeV, you will also have to fight hostile creatures, bosses and to duel other players. The game setting presents a typical town full of citizens, who don't know about the existence of exotic pets all around them.

Players use the in-depth customization menu to create a unique teenager hero, who will enter the world of DokeV. Each character wears special glasses to see the invisible part of the world, which consists of creatures you can collect, dangerous bosses and unique items.

The essential equipment of each player consists of the following items:

Radio requires a sparkly stone to work, it alerts of boss-level creatures spawning, and its battery will eventually run out, so you must obtain a spare one in advance. Skateboard is a transportation method throughout the city. The cleaner is our primary weapon to deal damage. The fully customizable glasses are used to see the creatures. Umbrella allows the character to glide in the air. The backpack helps to carry all of the above.

Players can collect different mounts, such as skateboards, or various pets from all around the world. In their spare time, they can build a house and customize it or go fishing alone or with friends. Players can gather and show off their dokebis, which are magical creatures and pets.

DokeV is suitable for all the players who like to explore and collect various creatures. Its music and cartoon-styled graphics create a positive atmosphere for gamers to relax and enjoy the experience.