Dota Underlords will receive eight new heroes

Dota Underlords Update Death Prophet&Spirit Breaker Announce

Valve has published a letter announcing the future updates for Auto Chess game Dota Underlords, which hasn't received new for a long time. The last major update was released in February 2020th with the release of the game itself. As the developers say it's caused by different reasons, including both internal and external—the studio is busy with other projects, and pandemic disrupted the working schedule.

In any case, Dota Underlords will not be abandoned by the developers. At least one major update is preparing for the release, although there is no official release date yet. The game will receive eight new characters from Dota 2, new alliances and new items. At the moment, only two of the eight heroes were shown to the community: Underlords will receive Death Prophet and Spirit Breaker. You can find more information about them on the images shared by Valve.