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Dragon’s Dogma Online Review

By BwwDtt | 10 June 2020
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Dragon’s Dogma Online is an MMORPG developed and published by Capcom.

  • Multiple Playable Classes
  • Action Combat System
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Massive Open World

Dragon’s Dogma Online Gameplay

Dragon’s Dogma Online takes its place in the fantasy land of Lestania. The game about five powerful dragons; the White Dragon was the guardian of humanity which allow them to prosper until the Golden Dragon challenged it to combat three hundred years before the events of the game. After the battle, the White Dragon was seriously injured and had to distribute its powers between a few chosen ones, which are later called Arisen. The player-controlled characters are newly-created Arisen, and you have to protect the world from monsters and other villains under the command of the weakened dragon.

The Arisen is a customizable avatar in Dragon’s Dogma Online, and the players create one at the beginning of the game choosing their gender, physique and other features, such as their hairstyles, voices and other details. The central quest hub is the White Dragon Shrine, and the rest of Lestania is available for exploration after the opening tutorial. Players can progress through the game locations by completing quests, which you can obtain from non-playable characters. They are divided into three categories: events related to the main storyline, World Quests allow multiple players to cooperate to complete, and Solo Quests designed for solo completion. The objectives provide the players with experience and the in-game currency and are only available to the players of a specific level.

Dragon’s Dogma Online features several character classes, which unlock different offensive and defensive skills to use in battle, as well as additional passive abilities. The game offers the following archetypes:

Melee are melee-based characters focusing on attacking using physical weapons.
Bow users can attack from a significant distance using a bow and arrows.
Magick concentrate on healing and magic.

The players select a class during the character creation, and they can change their purpose for being at the White Dragon Shrine. Some quests are exclusive to specific archetypes and have unique rewards for completing them.

The combat system in Dragon’s Dogma Online is similar to the original games of the series. The players can encounter enemies during exploration, which have particular vulnerabilities to different classes. Monsters have multiple experience levels, and that affects how much damage the players can cause to them. All enemies have weak points, and they allow the players to deal extra damage to them, and some of the boss-encounters also rely on these mechanics. All of the computer-controlled characters have a fatigue and stamina meter, and they relate to their energy and attack power. Depleting and manipulating these meters allow the players to deal more damage and avoid attacks easier. Allied combatants can grapple and hold down smaller enemies.

Dragon’s Dogma Online allows the players to create a human-like companion to accompany during their journeys. The Pawn is a customizable avatar and has an assigned gender, visual appearance and its class. You can revive the Pawn during the combat within a short period. The game features many other mechanics to learn, and a wide range of the in-game events add even more depth to the gameplay. The project fits both casual and hardcore players due to diversity and different kinds of enemies and customization options.