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Dragon Awaken Review

By BwwDtt | 28 October 2019
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Dragon Awaken is a free fantasy MMORPG with semi-automatic battles done in Jrpg style.

  • A hybrid skillset for different styles of gameplay
  • Many picturesque locations to explore
  • Layered dungeons
  • Numerous pets and helpers
  • Daily quests, regular events, tournaments, and mini-games

Dragon Awaken Gameplay

Dragon Awaken is a browser-based MMORPG in a surprisingly beautiful fantasy game world, filled with alluring fairies, elves, knights, and dragons. The graphics and careful drawing of the images are mesmerizing; you will experience the genuine aesthetic pleasure from the game.

The background story sends us back many years ago when people and dragons lived in peace and harmony. But a terrible thing happened - the dragon of darkness freed himself from the depths of the magical forest. It decided to subjugate all the inhabitants of the magical world, inhabit hatred in it and foment war. After that, the fairy world split into two warring camps.

The game begins with a training battle with a giant dragon that threatens the Holy City. During the fight, you will learn how to use abilities and how to fill in the rage meter that is needed to use enhanced skills. From this moment, the training stage begins. During it, we will complete various quests issued by the NPС.

One of the features of this project is that there is no binding to classes. You can move on to any branch of talents and skills. With this, you had the opportunity to create from your character a fully hybrid hero with a different set of skills you need. As a result of that, PvP battles become unpredictable, and clan battles become hot. Although there is no binding to classes, they are still in the game - a duelist, mystic, cleric and paladin.

Dragon Awaken also has a significant number of exciting quests, dungeons, as well as mini-games. The reward for completing tasks or winning is not only experience points, but also valuable prizes and rare items.

It is necessary to take care of your equipment: weapons, armor, and jewelry increase the strength not only of the character but of the whole team. The wearing performs not only the role of armor but also a kind of replacement for classes. Wearing a paladin armor can make you more protected from physical damage, and taking the robes of a mage can increase the damage from abilities, you can also equip mount. Depending on the choice of mount, some squad characteristics will also be enhanced. At level 31, the character will have access to wings that will give your personage a more majestic appearance and at the same time, increase his combat power.

Dragon Awaken Squad

To destroy the army of evil, your character will have to assemble a squad of dragon hunters. Up to 6 auxiliary heroes will help your hero. You will be able to hire them in a tavern after completing some quests.

The strength of any hired assistant depends on the level of the tavern, which increases after completing quests. The level of the additional heroes can be increased for experience scrolls. Regrouping some fighters, you can make various combinations, which significantly increases their combat effectiveness.

Sometimes for defeating the dragon, in addition to valuable resources, you can get a small tame dragon, which will strengthen your squad and will be able to participate in battles with an increase in level. Also, pets can block the enemy's attacks, reduce their defense, and cause damage to the enemy.

Dragon Awaken Battles

Most parts of the game will take place in battles with enemies. The fighting style is similar to JRPG games, i.e., step by step, first one team goes, then another does. This battle style allows you to use various combat tactics and think through a strategy.

For fans of PvP battles, there are battles in the arena, where for victories, you can get valuable items and advance to the top in the ranking of players. And for those who do not like long and protracted battles, there is an auto-fight function.

There are several types of dungeons in the game - the kind of campaign that the player will fight with and what he will get from winning depends on the sort of dungeon campaigns:

  • Free dungeons are battles with random monsters that come across on the way, most often easy to complete.
  • Multiplayer dungeon - several players can team up to try their hand with more sophisticated opponents. Such cooperation will bring players additional bonuses in the battle, and more massive rewards.
  • Quest dungeons - a fight with a much stronger enemy to advance on the plot, respectively, defeating him gives excellent bonuses. There are other dungeons in the game that will open following the growth of the player's level.

Dragon Awaken Classes

This game has no fixed classes, so players can choose any specialty they want.
There are four leading class roles in Dragon Awaken:

  • Duelist. This is a class of warriors. Their primary skills cast damage on the enemy.
  • Cleric. It is a healer and buff class.
  • Paladin. This is a strong tank class, immune to high amounts of damage.
  • Mystic. Mystics are a ranged magic class that can cast spells on the enemy.