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Dragon Ball Z Online Review

By BwwDtt | 20 April 2020
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Dragon Ball Z Online is a browser-based 2D MMORPG developed and published by AnimeGame.

  • Anime-styled graphics
  • Famous Dragon Ball Universe
  • Different PvP Arenas
  • Auto-play combat functions

Dragon Ball Z Online Gameplay

Dragon Ball Z Online takes its place in the universe of famous Dragon Ball where players have to meet and recruit familiar characters from the anime, such as Yamcha, Master Roshi, Trunks, Broly and Bulma. Also, the events of the game are fully connected with the original plot.

The main character will always take part in the fights, and you can also recruit other heroes to join your squad; all of them can wear multiple pieces of gear to boost their stats. The battles in Dragon Ball Z Online proceed automatically, and players can only watch what happens without any control over it. In some occasions, other friendly characters will join you through the fight to assist and defeat the opponents. Often it is connected with the story and is impossible to win without the assistance. In these cases, the players are carried by the AI-controlled ally.

Most of the player-versus-environment content is tied to the main storyline, and you need to go to Novice Village to acquire quests, which will lead you to another location to defeat the target enemy or collect various items. The stages are linear, and you need to complete all the quests in the chain to find out the whole story.

The content of Dragon Ball Z Online is a constant cycle of grinding for better equipment for your main character and the troops. You can meet more powerful recruits and complete quests to let them join the party. Various NPCs around the world create an in-depth connection with the anime lore, and they even act familiar and ask you to do certain things in quests as they would do in the series.

Each recruit has its purpose, and there are several different types of them. They can have supportive abilities, offensive attack spells or defensive skills to protect others. It directly affects the power level of your squad, so you need to find the best combination of available heroes.

Auto-play mechanics is the core aspect of the fighting aspect of Dragon Ball Z Online. Players cannot control the actions of their avatars during the combat. You must choose the formation, combination of classes and the best equipment, and it directly affects the power score of the group. That score affects the outcome of every encounter, and a higher number grants a higher chance to win.

Player-versus-player consists of arena mode where players can battle others with a similar rating. Winning a battle awards the players with ranking points, and that way, you can climb the ladder and acquire different rewards. There is a worldwide ranking list, and the best players are easily recognizable by other participants, that also add more depth to the challenging aspect of the game.

Dragon Ball Z Online is suitable both for hardcore and casual gamers because the auto-attack system makes it simple to participate in fights. However, it is difficult to climb the PvP ladder because it requires a lot of hours of grind, and only the most hardworking players can ever get there and claim the best in-game rewards.

Dragon Ball Z Online Classes

Character creation system features the selection of three different classes and two genders. Some basic customization options also allow you to change the hairstyle and its colour as well as some other facial features.

The playable classes of Dragon Ball Z Online are:

  • Majin focuses on energy and spiritual attacks.
  • Saiyan prefers physical combat and powerful melee attacks.
  • Android is a defence class, which focuses on counter-attacks.