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Dragon Lord Review

By BwwDtt | 06 December 2019
Average: 7.2 (9 votes)

Dragon Lord is a browser-based MMORPG in a fantasy setting, developed by Esprit Games. It also has strategy and resource-management mechanics.

  • Flexible combat system
  • Skill-based character development
  • Picturesque visual style
  • Turn-based battles

Dragon Lord Gameplay

Dragon Lord is an MMO game with classic RPG gameplay, mixed with strategy mechanics. It has almost no character customization: when you create a character, you can choose only the gender and name of your hero.

After you enter the game, you will immediately involve in a fight with a boss dragon. However, it's a part of the tutorial questline; completing these quests, you will learn basics of the Dragon Lord world and get your first dragon. Your character will develop gradually, discovering new skills and abilities during levelling. The skill tree can be changed at any time, so after an unsuccessful battle with the boss, you can change the character's battle style and try again. The character's strength is affected by its battle rating. You can increase this indicator by developing the skills of your hero. Such a well-developed system of skills allows you to enjoy the combat part of the game entirely. The battles in Dragon Lord are turn-based; during your turn, you can pick the abilities that your character will perform. It is also possible to enable automatic battle function, so the AI ​​of the game will fight in the combat for you.

Also, to increase the power of your hero, in the Dragon Lord, you can find many different items of equipment and weapons. New items can be obtained for killing bosses or completing tasks. It is also possible to buy suitable items through the in-game store. The premium currency is called Diamants; you can spend it on buying equipment and cosmetic items, or subscribe on a VIP account to get additional bonuses and daily rewards.

If you want to fight with the allies on your side, you can hire the Heroes at the tavern. All of them have different backgrounds, classes and abilities. These mercenaries will automatically assist you in battle if you placed them into your squad. Before you start combat, you can change the location of the Heroes — position the Tank heroes in front, and the powerful Damage-dealers behind the backs of mighty defenders. Also, there is a specific cell for the dragon, which is fully resistant to any damage.

There are six types of dragons in the game, and you will get your first one after you reach level 3. Each of these types belongs to different elements. The level of dragons can also be increased to raise the stats and damage of the entire squad. Since you can have several dragons at once, and the only one can be placed on the field, you can instil the abilities of these creatures in your heroes.

Another type of supporters in this game is pets. You can get different creatures, that will follow you in adventures. The game provides you with an opportunity to increase the level of your pets, develop their skills and change their appearance. The best pet in the game is a mighty reptile, requiring many resources to obtain. Also, there is a specific type of pets called Mount. You can ride different mounts, upgrade their skills, change and collect them.

Travelling through the world of Dragon Lord, you will meet lots of different creatures and NPCs. All the locations are restricted by levels because bosses in some of them are too complicated for beginners. The story quests are simple and ordinary, but still enjoyable, and the plot is the same. There are several types of PvE locations: boss lairs, where you have to kill a mighty dangerous creature; dungeons, leading to the hideouts of enemies and inhabited by smaller monsters; and the wastelands, where you will fight with the waves of different enemies. If you're a big fan of PvP games, you can take part in the tournaments. In this mode, you can duel with other players; for every victory, you will gain the battle rating. Depending on your rank, you will receive an amount of valuable unique currency that can be spent in the arena shop.

When you want to take a rest between slaying monsters, you can take your time at the farm, manage resources of your own castle, or build various structures. To do this, you can go to your in-game domain. It's a private territory with some useful features; for example, you can grow different plants and gemstones, or produce valuable resources. Also, through this area, you can open access to mini-game, where you can get some useful bonuses.

The graphics in Dragon Lord are charming, with well-done character animations and picturesque backgrounds. Even though the game is not demanding and runs on any pc, it looks pretty and modern. Some combat animations, including ultimate skills, are using cinematic points of view and cutscenes, that makes the battle dynamic and breathtaking.

Dragon Lord is a perfect game for those who like simple fantasy games, with an understandable but complex combat system and tons of social activities. Developers are working on the content very hard, adding new events, competitions and unusual challenges, which makes you come back to this world again and again.