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Dragon Nest Review

By BwwDtt | 28 October 2019
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Dragon Nest is a multiplayer free-to-play MMORPG with arcade slasher elements made by EYEDENTITY GAMES.

  • Dynamic combat system
  • One of the most colorful and individual visual stylistics in MMORPGs
  • Newbie-friendly game
  • A world that you will never want to leave

Dragon Nest Gameplay

Battles are the main thing in the game. Developers are moving away from the usual "click-hit" scheme, bringing Dragon Nest gameplay a lot of breathtaking and exciting combinations. All heroes have basic and special attacks, tied to the left and right mouse buttons. Each class has different methods of attack: the cleric has a kick, and the sorceress has a punch with a book.

This game is suitable both for those who like to go through the plot alone and for cooperative adventures. There is also a system of dungeons (instances), which any character can enter only with a certain composition. The number of people varies from 1-4 people to 8 (dragon battles). To join a dungeon, you have to spend the fatigue points. Also, this game has PVP and PVE arenas with tasks without spending fatigue points.

PvE in the game consists of short sessions. On average, you spend 15 minutes on one dungeon. Each instance has five difficulty levels: easy, normal, difficult, master, and the abyss. Usually, to complete story quests, enough modes to the master are enough, but the most expensive things can only be reached on the complexity of the abyss.

PvP in Dragon Nest is notable for its variety and insane speed. Everything depends on your reaction, skills, and character management skills. Up to 16 players can fit in one arena - in 1x1, 3x3, 8x8 modes. There are arenas to protect the captain and capture points, as well as fun zombie mods that add variety to the competitive aspect of the game.

Dragon Nest has a farm and lake location where you can fish and grow plants. It does not take very much time, but the benefits are tremendous. By adding a few items collected in the dungeons, you can cook food that slightly increases your characteristics.
The system for creating and improving items is straightforward: they are all made by one NPC, the ingredients are extracted in nests and instances.

Dragon Nest Classes

The gender of all characters depends on the chosen class. This game has nine basic classes:


  • Warrior - frontline class with powerful melee attacks and abilities, which can deal a lot of damage and apply control effects. Prudent and attentive, he can make complicated combinations, leaving no chance for enemies to win, but can be weak against range classes. He uses a sword, axe, or hammer. Upon the first change of subclass, the Warrior can choose the path of Swordmaster, fast and dangerous class, or Mercenary, not really handy but very strong warrior. At the second time of subclass change, each class opens up two more possibilities to choose from.
  • Swordmaster in Dragon Nest can become a brutal and robust Gladiator or a mid-range Moonlord.

    Mercenary can become much more cruel Barbarian or murderous Destroyer.

  • Cleric - hybrid melee class with the ability to use aggressive spells and buffs. Hardy, cleric fortifies his allies on the battlefield with supporting spells, but he deals with not so much damage. Can use a mace, a rod, or a flail. At level 15, Cleric will have the possibility to choose the specialty. He has two subclasses to choose from. The first one is Priest, pure support, or Paladin, hybrid class. Over time he can get the second job.
  • The Priest will get the opportunity to choose between the Saint, powerful buffer, or Inquisitor, who can use AoE damage spells.

    As for Paladin, he can be Guardian, most excellent defender, or Crusader, brave warrior of light.

  • Assassin - hybrid class with high lethality potential. Deadly and quickly, in combat, he relies on agility and strength and deals so much damage with his physical attacks. He can use scimitar or dagger. At level 15, Assasin can choose to become Chaser, real assassin, or Bringer, guide of the light and dark. After a time, another specialization happens.
  • Chaser in Dragon Nest can choose a path of Ripper, the dark ninja, or become Raven, the most invisible warrior.

    Bringer can choose between Light Fury, supportive assassin, and Abyss Walker, both healer, and ninja.


  • Archer dexterous class specializing in dealing with damage from long range. She uses her abilities to destroy an unsuspecting enemy and can use a leg kick series on melee range to kill those who came too close to her. She can use a crossbow, longbow, and short bow. At level 15, Archer can get the first sub-class. It can be Sharpshooter, gifted at shooting from a longbow, and Acrobat, most agile class in Dragon Nest. At level 45, a second subclass must be selected.
  • For Sharpshooter, it can be Warden, attentive as a bloodhound, or Sniper, who will hit the enemy from any distance.

    For Acrobat, you can choose between Tempest, deadly and fast as the wind, or Windwalker, who flies in the air.

  • Sorceress mage class in Dragon Nest with the highest DPS but with the lowest physical damage resist. Has not such a long attack range like Archer, but her abilities have a wide radius of action. This class specializes in powerful AOE attacks. She uses staff and doll, sphere, or grimoire as an extra weapon. At level 15, you have to choose a sub-class. It can be a Mystic, adept of dark magic, or an Elementalist, who uses elemental magic. At level 45, you need to choose a second sub-class.

    For Mystic, it can be War Mage, the cruel master of lasers, or Chaos Mage, gravity trickster.

    An Elementalist could be Pyromancer, a witch with explosive nature, or Ice Witch, real cold-headed support.

  • Tinkerer - hybrid class in Dragon Nest with the ability to use magic and technologies. Smart and far-sighted, she attacks from afar, summoning robots, ready to help her at any moment. She can use a gun or blaster. Tinkerer is a typical "pet class." Her most recognizable assistant is a Mecha Duck. At the level of 15, you will have to choose a sub-class for your character. It can be an Engineer, strong class with serious physical damage, or Alchemist, healer and buffer. At level 45, you can choose another subclass.
  • An Engineer can become Gear Master, which calls on the battlefield a colossal number of robotic assistants, or Shooting Star, who prefers to deal with enemies without retinue.

    An Alchemist could be Adept, magical range fighter, or Physician, pure talented support.

  • Kali - hybrid middle distance class. Swiftly and graceful, she performs a deadly dance with chakrams, invoking spirits to help her to defend herself or attack enemies. In combat uses fans or discs. At the level of 15, you will have to choose a first sub-class for Kali. You can pick Screamer, powerful magician, or Dancer who uses chakrams and dance moves as a weapon. At level 45, you will have to make a choice between two subclasses for each profession.
  • Screamer can change the profession to Dark Summoner, dominant PvP class, or Soul Eater, valuable support.

    Dancer can be Blade Dancer or Spirit Dancer.

  • Lancea - melee offensive and swiftly class. Strong and fearless, she breaks into the crowds of enemies, mercilessly destroying them with her AOE attacks. In combat, she uses the spear. At level 15, Lancea can get the first specialization. It can be Piercer, brave warrior, or Knightess, talented in the summoning of elements. At level 45, a second profession might be picked.
  • A new specialization for Piercer is Flurry, a fast attacker, or Sting Breezer, who uses a magical weapon.

    As for Knightess, her next specialties will be Avalanche, who uses the magic of ice, or Rangrid, who chose fire as her element.

  • Machina - offensive melee class with high combo potential. In fights, she uses mecha-arm. At level 15, Machina can be specialized as Patrona.
  • Patrona's second specializations are Ruina, offensive class, and Defensio, deffense class.

Dragon Nest System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeGorce 9500 GT
  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU E8400 or higher (or Core 2 Quad or higher)
  • File Size: 10 GB
  • OS: Windows XP

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeGorce GTX 250
  • CPU: Intel(R) Pentium Core i3 530 or higher (or i5 or higher)
  • File Size: 10 GB
  • OS: Windows 7(64bit)