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DragonRealms Review

By BwwDtt | 28 November 2019
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DragonRealms is a text-based MMORPG in a fantasy setting, developed by Simutronics in 1996.

  • The immersive and detailed game world
  • Complex PvP system
  • Dozens of various commands
  • Deep character customization

DragonRealms Gameplay

DragonRealms is one of the oldest and still most popular MUD RPGs. It has a friendly active community, enjoyable battle mechanics and a huge space for creativity — almost all events in this game driven by players. At the same time, it's more hardcore than other text-based games, because the flexible system of actions requires brilliant skills of using the command console. It's quite hard because of the number of various commands and combinations. The navigation is also not the most straightforward part of the DragonRealms: most likely, after creating the character, you will wander around the city for a very long time at the starter location, trying to understand where you are and where is your destination point.

Before you start the game, you will have to create a unique character. You can choose a name, appearance and one of the eleven races. Choose your character's race carefully, relying not only on external qualities: some of them have complex relationships between each other, and all creatures have different innate characteristics. Also, you can detail the appearance of your hero as much as possible. The character creation stage is designed in the form of a question and answer. During that 'interview' you have to select the one desired feature from the list offered to you by the computer.

DragonRealms Races

The first important choice while character creation is a race. Your relationship with other characters and NPCs depends on this decision.

  • Dwarf — the moody chunky people with luxurious beards. They're always ready to fight and compete.
  • Elf — a race of charming, charismatic creatures with pointed ears. They're in a complicated relationship with Humans.
  • Elothean — the dragon priests with bald heads and fragile bodies. They're half-blooded Elves.
  • Gnome — a race of small and simple creatures, friendly to everyone. They're swift but much weaker than halflings.
  • Gor'Togs — a race of the bold green giants with high physical power. For a long time, they were in S'Kra Mur's slavery.
  • Halfling — a race with a light character. They like good jokes and sweets. At first, halflings may seem childlike, but they're one of the smartest races in DragonRealms world.
  • Human — a rather unremarkable race that does not have natural features. Humans are the most common race of Dragon Realms.
  • Kaldar — a race of physically mighty warriors, the best allies with Gnomes, and with Humans, they have a bitter rival.
  • Prydaen — a race of elegant and charismatic cat-like humanoids. They rarely listen to others and have a controversial nature.
  • Rakash — a race of humans that can shapeshift into wolves. They have a wild and uneasy nature.
  • S'Kra Mur — a race of lizardmen. They're good at close physical combat because of their quick reaction speed.

DragonRealms Classes

One of the main features of the DragonRealms is that heroes have no classes. Instead of that, you can choose one of the eleven guilds. Among them:

  • Barbarian — a guild of fighters. These heroes use melee weapons and some spells of the Fire Magic.
  • Bard — a guild of musicians. They use magic songs as their weapon, and they're also excellent artisans.
  • Cleric — a guild for supportive heroes. Their primary skills are healing and resurrecting. At the same time, these heroes have excellent defence and damage. Clerics also know buff spells.
  • Empath — main healers in this game. They focus on various healing skills. The main feature of this guild is the prohibition to cause damage to other creatures. If the Empath kills the enemy, then it loses all healing skills forever.
  • Moon Mage — forecasters and astronomers. They can predict the future by stars and planets. At the same time, Moon Mages have a wide range of damage spells.
  • Necromancer — a hardcore guild. These are arcane mages that know blood magic, alchemy and undead animation. The Necromancer guild is suitable only for skilled players.
  • Paladin — a guild of tank heroes, with high HP rate and defence skills. They attract all the enemy damage to protect the allies.
  • Ranger — a primary guild for heroes with ranged combat skills. The Ranger characters usually know stealth skills well.
  • Thief — a guild for the sneaky assassins. Thief guild is the most difficult in the game; you have to solve sophisticated puzzles even if you only want to find their headquarters.
  • Warrior Mage — a mix of mage and warrior, as the name of the guild says. They know both the elemental magic and swordsman art.
  • Trader — a guild for masters of commerce and talented economists. This role is the best for players who want to gain capital and rule the trading paths.