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Dreamside Interactive is a Russian video game developer company specializing in multiplayer computer games development. Dreamside was founded in 2015. Their most notable project is the multiplayer action RPG Frozen Flame, which is still under development. In addition, the company is working on several unannounced projects.

Latest Dreamside Interactive News

Frozen Flame Ancient Valley Location Developers of Frozen Flame revealed the Ancient Valley location

Dreamside Interactive revealed a short video about the Ancient Valley location

Frozen Flame Survival MMO Closed Beta Testing Stage September 15th Frozen Flame entered the CBT stage

All players who purchased the game bundles can participate in CBT

Frozen Flame Update 8.3.0 September 10th Frozen Flame received an update 8.3.0

Frozen Flame received single-player mode, anti-cheat system, and many other features

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