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Dungeon Hunter Champions Review

By BwwDtt | 20 July 2020
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Dungeon Hunter Champions is a MOBA game in Dungeon Hunter series.

  • Cross-platform gameplay
  • 5v5 Battle Mode
  • Epic boss fights
  • Guild and Guild Wars

Dungeon Hunter Champions Gameplay

The events of the game take place in the same universe as previous parts. DHC combines PvE campaigns and 5v5 battles on the network arena; it has more than 275 champions with unique fighting styles, and several gameplay modes.

Dungeon Hunter Champions is a spin-off game that takes place in the DH universe. It has both single PvE campaigns and real-time 5v5 battles. The game differs from previous parts with a colourful design, champions and uncommon features; some characters are redesigned versions of the original heroes. In Dungeon Hunter Champions, your goal is to gather the team of different fighters and lead it to victory.

5v5 action battles are waiting for you in the arena, duels, boss raids. In this battle system, every action can affect the result. All playable heroes can be developed to reach the colossal power. Besides, each hero has unique behaviour and story in addition to exclusive skills. You will quickly find your favourite Champion; still, it will be necessary to use different heroes in combat. The heroes are involved in a story campaign, which allows you to immerse in the storyline and explore their backgrounds. You will be able to learn everything about the world of Champions and help them overcome any difficulties.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Characters

Champions are fighters who have accepted the Soul Disc and are called into the realm of Eternal Contest. The heroes fight in countless battles in the name of their Invokers. These battles take place on different battlefields, and 5v5 fights take place in the Valley of Eternity.

The primary way to get new champions is to summon, defeat the boss, complete the missions and events which provide heroes as prizes.

Each champion has five options divided by the elements - Fire (red), Water (blue), Nature (green), Light (yellow) and Dark (purple). Each elemental variant has an adjusted colour palette to distinguish it from each other.

Champions of different elements, in most cases, have different skill sets. You need to take into account the skills of the hero when making the team in the raid, and correctly combine the characters.

Guilds in Dungeon Hunter Champions

The Guild is one of the social systems in DHC. Joining the Guild will not only help develop the game but also teach all the basic mechanics of the game. Fighting in guild wars, new players can train in the combination of heroes and combat tactics.

Guild Wars is a competition where one Guild attacks an enemy guild and defends itself against another. The result of the war helps you to climb the ladder, which affects the reward you receive at the end of the week.

Each attacking member is given a list of defenders of the enemy guild. For each attack, you send two attack teams to fight against two defending teams, which end after two rounds.

Dungeon Hunter Champions System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce 210, Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo CPU @ 2.9GHz
  • File Size: 3 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti, Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU @ 3.10GHz
  • File Size: 3 GB
  • OS: Windows 10