DwarfHeim will be released in Early Access on October 22nd

DwarfHeim Early Access Stage October 22nd

Studio Pineleaf and Merge Games announced the release date of the cooperative fantasy MMORTS DwarfHeim in early access. The release of the new MMORTS is scheduled for October 22nd. The upcoming project will feature four multiplayer modes, including the brand-new game mode Skirmish, which wasn't available previously. All the game modes are highlighted in the gameplay trailer shared by the developers.

DwarfHeim is a real-time strategy game with asymmetrical cooperative gameplay. Players have to choose different gameplay roles which will lead their clan to the victory. At the moment, DwarfHeim is in the closed beta testing stage, which will last until September 20th. It is possible to enter the CBT following the instructions published on the official Discord server of the game.