Elteria team revealed the roadmap of Elteria Adventures

Elteria Adventures Roadmap Alpha 17.0.-20.0

Sandbox MMORPG Elteria Adventures received a roadmap of development: the developer of the project Team Elteria revealed information about the future content which will be added in the next versions of the game. The roadmap covers four alpha releases starting with Alpha 17.0; there's also an official announce of the roadmap describing the upcoming content.

Alpha 17.0 version will add new weapons and elements of character customization in the game.
Alpha 18.0 will add to the game Callings, social aspects and mechanics, improved graphics and advanced customization.
Alpha 19.0 will add trading and auctions, performance optimization and new weapons.
Aplha 20.0 will present the lunar biome, new events and parkour.

Elteria Adventures is an indie MMORPG where will be able to build castles and bridges between flying islands to explore the secrets of this fantasy world. The combat system allows players to compete with others for success in the game or fight for survival with the environment. The game is currently in the Closed Alpha stage; if you want to take part in the test, send an application on the official website of the game.