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Elvenar Review

By BwwDtt | 09 October 2020
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Elvenar is a fantasy multiplayer strategy featuring the turn-based combat system.

  • Turn-based Combat System
  • Two Playable Factions
  • Newbie-friendly Gameplay
  • Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Elvenar Gameplay

Elvenar is a turn-based strategy whose events unfold in a fantasy world. Before you start playing, you will have to register on the website, which will provide the full access to the game. After that, each player will have to choose to play for people or elves.

After you decided the side of your kingdom, you will be able to start the development of the city. The broad urban planning component sets Elvenar apart from other browser-based strategies. For example, every building in a town can be upgraded, thereby increasing its efficiency. The economic part of the gameplay is the extraction of all kinds of resources. They are used literally for everything, so it is crucial to have enough material. The combat system is represented by turn-based battles, which means that players can analyse and calculate each stage of the fight.

It is necessary to make a decision carefully, and it is better to look at the overview of each of the factions because they are fundamentally different skills and ways of fighting. For example, elves are real forest defenders with incredible powerful magic, and their lives are closely intertwined with magical creatures which will become your helpers. As the city develops, the citizens will obey your orders. On the contrary, humans replace everything with machines, relying on science, new technologies and modern scientists. But beyond that, people are perfectly capable of handling any cold weapon such as daggers, knives, swords and others.

The only thing that will be needed to improve buildings beyond resources is a lot of time. After all, the higher the level of the building, the more time it will take to improve. You will be able to use the special currency to make the development faster. Therefore, in order not to lose time for improvement, it is better to spend it in battle on the battle map. As for warriors, the elves will have golems, ents, magicians, swordsmen, and people will have paladins, crossbows, hellhounds and the like.

As this is a strategy, all battles in the game, whether they are with living people or with the NPS, will take place in step-by-step mode. It will be necessary not only to think over the ideal strategy but also to analyse the course of each ally. The presence of warriors in both long-range and close-range battles implies the development of tactics for each of them. If the entire army is destroyed, the combat is considered over.

Battles in Elvenar take place in a turn-based game mode. There are close and far combat troops, a set of spells and skills that the player can use at any point in the battle to strengthen or weaken enemies. The battle continues until one of the armies is destroyed, after which the player must return to his town and hire new warriors.