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Entropia Universe Review

By BwwDtt | 23 December 2019
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Entropia Universe is an MMORPG project in the sci-fi setting, featuring one of the most outstanding economic systems.

  • Sophisticated realistic economics
  • Skill-based system of character development
  • A broad open world to explore
  • Lots of major updates with new content

Entropia Universe Gameplay

Entropia Universe is a unique game, where almost all of the activities of players are based on trading, crafting and production of the resources. The game has healthy player-driven economics, flexible system of skills and professions, and many other exciting activities.

Before you start your journey in the world of Euphoria Universe, you will have to create a character — a visual representation of the player, called Avatar. The game has an in-depth character editor with almost every feature of appearance customisable. During the character creation, the players are asked for some personal information, which is used for the identification. It's necessary for those players who would like to withdraw money they have earned in the game. The game offers no character races, classes or pre-chosen professions; all of the skills can be developed only during the gameplay, and each character can have a unique set of abilities.

After the character creation, you will be sent on the first planet. The game contains many different quests, including the introduction of questline and the tasks that introduce players in the plot. Mostly, the quests are based on the grind or basic delivery tasks. It's not the most exciting and immersive part of the game. However, it's still enjoyable, especially for casual players who don't want to be involved in the sophisticated structure of cooperation in the world of Euphoria Universe.

The world of this MMORPG universe is divided into different types of locations. The game features different kinds of areas — the planets, where most of the activities happen, and space, a separate area that provides the PvP mechanics and exciting battles of spaceships. Playing the Entropia Universe, you can discover six planets, each one with a unique theme and style. The first planet is Calypso, the first one area, that was released in the game far ago in 2003. The second planet, called ROCKtropia, is owned and developed by the studio of one of the long-time players; this area features the 'music' and 'pop culture' themes. The third accessible zone is Next Island, a paradise-like place with picturesque landscapes. The fourth planet, Arkadia, is developed for treasure hunters. The fifth planet is Cyrine, that was open for beta-test for all players. The last and the second one is Toulan, inspired by the exotic Arab culture and mythology. Players can travel from one planet to another; each of them features large maps with many locations to explore. Still, the game provides an opportunity to teleport between the points of destination to decrease the amount of the time spent on the relocation. Also, players can travel between the planets. To reach another world, the player will have to enter the open space, using the spaceship. Space is a territory with free PvP, where players can fight with each other with no penalties for that. This zone is often filled with pirates and other scoundrels, because of the loot feature. When a player dies, the resources from the inventory are dropping on the 'floor', and everyone can collect that loot.

The Space in the Entropia Universe is interesting only for travellers, pirates and traders. Each player can become a merchant and start a personal trading company; players can invest their money on different deals, control shops and market stalls, and trade the estate. The EU provides many different professions that produce unique resources, valuable on the game market. Nevertheless, it costs a significant sum of the in-game currency to start a new deal and compete with other players. The development of each skill requires a specific amount of resources. Probably all of the professions are demanding for money to be spent: each activity require expandable resources, such as probes, ammunition, guns, instruments, finders, extractors. A wide range of them is decay during the exploitation process. Some of the damaged tools require repair; others are limited and can not be fixed. It causes the player to buy new equipment very often.

Due to that feature of the game, the profession of a crafter is trendy among players. The success of the creation depends on the skill level of character and many other reasons. Skill can be learned for the performance of every action; also, the abilities of a character can be loaded in the specific implant to be sold on the market.

The skills of players unlock different professions. The game has many different types of jobs, available for every character in the game. The specialities provide an opportunity to use a specific weapon, ammunition, skills and moreover. The Combat professions provide the battle skills; Manufacturing jobs increases the production of the resources; Mindforce is used for healing abilities and teleportation; Mining is a skill for specialists of resource extraction, and Miscellaneous are other types of the specific skills.

Entropia Universe System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: DirectX Version 11
  • CPU: Intel i3
  • File Size: 20 GB
  • OS: Win XP/Vista/7

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: DirectX Version 11
  • CPU: Intel i5
  • File Size: 20 GB
  • OS: Win XP/Vista/7