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Eternal Fury Review

By BwwDtt | 07 November 2019
Average: 6.9 (12 votes)

Eternal Fury is a turn-based browser MMO SLG developed by R2Games.

  • Beautiful visual style
  • Dynamic fights
  • Various PvE and PvP activities
  • Management of your own kingdom

Eternal Fury X5 Gameplay

The Eternal Fury is a turn-based browser MMORTS game, developed by R2Games and published by Game Hollywood. This game also has an interesting plot.

The plot of the game tells about the confrontation between Heaven and Hell. The visual style and many motifs are taken from northern mythology. Goddess Hel leads the forces of Hell in the battle against the rulers of heavens, and your goal is to stop her. The Eternal Fury also has many different and interesting quests in addition to the main plot.

When you start the game for the first time, you will have to create a character. You can choose gender, name and one of three classes. All of them have different game styles and techniques. You will have to choose appropriate armour and weapons for the character and develop its abilities as you progress through the game.

Eternal Fury has three classes basic for fantasy games.

  • Mage — a ranged caster and healer. This adept at the art of powerful spells prefers to use staffs or wands and hide in robes.
  • Knight — a mighty warrior and defender. Knights prefer to use long swords and great blades as a weapon. They can also wear armor, both light and heavy variants.
  • Archer a ranged damage class. Their favourite weapons are crossbows. The Archers are the ultimate sneaky hunters. They can wear only light leather armour.

In addition to developing your hero, you will also need to defend your kingdom. Your new base will be the castle and the territories that are adjacent to it. At these lands, you can get the necessary resources, build new structures, and train your character and troops. Be careful: other players may attack your territory. Your castle should be protected well from unfamiliar travellers. The game also has a guild system. You can team up to go through dungeons, or participate in epic guild wars.

In addition to the PvE mode, the game also has many of the PvP activities, from duels and PvP arenas to sieges of other players' castles. Eternal Fury also has a player ranks. You can compete with other players to climb on top of the rank ladder. It will not only show your skills as a strategist: you will also receive valuable prizes.

Moreover, if you don't want to gather with other players, you can recruit mercenaries on your side. There are seven types of mercenaries at the moment.

  • Merlin — a healer and buffer priest. He also deals serious damage to enemies.
  • Thor — a buffer and damage dealer mage. This mercenary knows how to stun and damage enemies.
  • Frigga — a poisonous magician. Her skills are aimed to control crowds and deal damage.
  • Cu Roi — a knight with the highest HP among all of the mercenaries. He can tank the enemies at the front line of the battle.
  • Blathnat — the best damage dealer among the archers. It is a mercenary with ranged attacks.
  • Minos — a powerful priest that debuffs negative effects from the allies and controls the enemies. He can also cast spells by using elemental magic.
  • Gullveig — a mighty ranged mage with the greatest damage.

This game is a simple and nice MMORTS for people who want to have a good time without straining, thinking out complex strategies. It is also suitable for fans of fantasy and northern mythology due to its unique plot and visual style. The Eternal Fury does not require a powerful computer to run, so playing in this game will not be a problem even for the players with weak computers.