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Eudemons Online Review

By BwwDtt | 31 October 2020
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Eudemons Online is a free-to-play, western-style 2.5D fantasy MMORPG.

  • Insanely fast character levelling
  • Deep system of Pets
  • Seven unique playable classes
  • Well-developed PvP system
  • Many in-game events

Eudemons Online Gameplay

Eudemons Online is a Free-to-Play Isometric Multiplayer RPG developed and published by NetDragon. The game was released in 2006, and for two decades the project has been successfully supported by the developers.

EO is a game that combines elements of classic old school RPGs and modern MMORPGs. However, there are also unique features: a speedy level up and ability to have companion pets that will be with the player throughout the whole walkthrough. As planned by the developers, the monotonous grind of single mobs was reincarnated into group farming of huge squads of monsters.

Based on this feature, the game can be attributed to the Hack and slash genre, in which the extermination of many opponents in close combat takes place using a variety of weapons. Just as in all good hack and slash games, this project allows players to use various melee weapons, often primitive. With the help of such weapons, the main character has to kill as many enemies as possible.

The main feature of the Eudemons is that, unlike classic computer role-playing games, the main focus of this project is put on battles with opponents and character levelling. At the same time, the dame does not present other elements such as well-written plot, intricate quests with different solutions, and extensive dialogues. In the gameplay of this MMORPG, the developers managed to combine dynamics, fun and originality.

The storyline of Eudemons Online

The storyline of Eudemons Online combines biblical motives, mythology and fantasy. Created by the supreme god Kronos, humans and demons once inhabited the world. Demons were a powerful race with great strength and pride. One day, darkness and jealousy consumed them, and they decided that people did not deserve to live on an equal basis with them. Demons, who were determined to enslave the human race, unleashed a war called Termination.

As a result of the war, people were turned into slaves who were forced to serve for life. They were not forced to work hard or die at battles — humans just were used for entertainment of the demons. These humiliations were happening until the moment when Aggress - one of the representatives of the human race, did not find out that people were once on the same level with demons and they were not destined to be their slaves.

Aggress was destined to become the leader of the people who could give battle to the creatures of darkness. He was able to organize the Alliance and start a prolonged war with the enemy race. As a result of long and bloody battles that lasted for many years, people were able to prevail over the demons and expel them from the lands of the continent. Unfortunately, the demons made themselves felt again. Devilish evil after a long time rallied and is preparing to unleash a war on the continent. At this turning point, a new hero appears in front of the world, who is destined to rebuff the newly awakened demons.

Eudemons Online Learning System

Training in the game is carried out in several ways at once. The player is placed in an initial small battle, where the fundamental aspects of character control are explained. After that, detailed training on the basic mechanics of the game is conducted. It happens with the help of an outstanding guide. Eudemons Online has a reasonably low threshold level since everything necessary is explained in detail to the player, half to indicate the point of clicking, at the start and further as needed in the future.

Basic in-game mechanics of Eudemons Online

Character customization

There is no initial character customization in Eudemons Online. At the start, the user is asked to select only the class, nationality and gender of the character. However, in the course of the game, all appearance features will become available for modification: hairstyle, face, clothes, aura, etc. For each of the previously listed elements, there are corresponding items that can be put on in particular slots. Some of them can be purchased for in-game currency, while others will be available only for donation.

To view the appearance of a character in the game, there is a corresponding window. It will also be possible to try on and first look at the arrival of the surface with one or another element of clothing. Also, separate slots have been made for equipment and clothes: this is done in case the player does not like the look of armour and weapons corresponding to his level, and he would like to look different. All properties from the equipment used are preserved; however, decorative clothing is visible on the character in the game.

Resource mining

At a certain point in the game, the character will need specific resources, which can be obtained by mining in the mine. There you can also try your luck in search of treasure and jewellery.

To start mining, the player will need to reach the tenth level, as well as purchase a hoe and a pickaxe from the store.

The mine contains all types of ores, ranked by quality. They are needed for exceptional repair of weapons and other points. It is also possible to sell the mined resources in stores.

Reward system

When you log into the game daily, as well as set a specific time in the game, unique, useful gifts will be sent. The more days in a row, the user logs into the game, the higher the value of the visit rewards will be.


Logs delivery
One of the main available earning opportunities is logs delivery. Since demons destroyed most of the buildings, the Kingdom needs to be rebuilt. Therefore, logs are in great demand. With the delivery of logs, you can earn up to 30 million gold per hour. However, to be a log distributor, the player will need the delivery skill. Only characters level 35+ can learn the Delivery skill.

If a player has a large amount of valuable or demanded goods, he can purchase his booth on the market. You can become a monopolist by purchasing all the available booths, since the number of stalls owned is not limited.
Then you can place all the goods you want for sale there and wait for potential customers.

If purchasing a trade booth is an unaffordable luxury, Eudemons Online offers a convenient alternative - auctions.
At a particular NPC, the player will be able to put the desired items for the auction by setting the minimum price per lot and wait for the end of the auction. If desired, the player can also view and purchase lots of other users.

Key gaming feature

The most critical feature of this MMORPG is undoubtedly the Eudemons system. Players will purchase pets and companions using a variety of in-game tools and in-store cash. These Eudemons will grow and evolve along with the playable character, earning XP. At high levels, they can get excellent skills, buffs and other benefits that radically change the gameplay for the character. The variety level these pets offer gives the game an interesting strategic element. You will have to spend a lot of time planning the way for your Eudemons to get the necessary builds and equipment.

The eudemons system in EO is similar in many ways to the system implemented in the Pokemon series of games, as it also includes elements of finding, raising, hatching and evolving pets.
This pet system enhances and complements the gameplay of the main class as it allows you to experiment with different play styles. Users who plan their group composition with both the ideal class and Eudemon combinations in mind will be more effective than those who don't. This is why the game has many different varieties to create the best builds.

In-game events

The game regularly organizes events dedicated to any event or holiday. On these days, players can receive special rewards in the form of unique items. During this time, the holiday questline and temporary instances are usually also added.

The donation system in Eudemons Online

The donation system in Eudemons Online is unobtrusive, but it provides advantages in levelling up speed and strength. All kinds of items, as well as unique eudemons, can be purchased for real money in the game. Also, the game can upgrade your account using a three-level VIP system, each of which gives a certain number of privileges.
For example, a player can make purchases in the Eudemons Online VIP mall. Also, the character receives a permanent bonus to experience, as well as many great items. The current opportunities are also improved; for example, the maximum number of friends is increased.

XP-ability system

An important distinguishing feature of Eudemons Online is the presence of the XP system. These are special skills that can only be used when filling a specific scale located under the hotbar. To learn these XP skills, the user's hero must study outstanding books. However, the drop rate is minimal, and they are not caught as often as you would like. Their high cost also distinguishes them.

The visual component of Eudemons Online

Visually, Eudemons Online is made in an isometric style. It has 2.5D graphics, typical of classic games like the Diablo series, as well as Path of Exile. The graphic style slightly resembles Diablo 2. Despite the rather outdated graphics for 2020, the game still pleases the eye with its tracing and filling of the environment and locations. Also, the models of mobs, NPCs and game characters are highly detailed.

Game World of Eudemons

The game world is large enough and consists of a variety of biomes: winter biome, plains, mountainous terrain, swamps and deserts. Also, each of them has separate unique locations: a volcano, an ice labyrinth, various temples and palaces. Each biome has its content of flora and fauna. Also, each of them is home to unique mobs. Despite the two-dimensionality of the game, the world of Eudemons fascinates with its beauty and atmosphere. In the course of the game, it is quite interesting to study locations, as well as contemplate the landscapes of a particular area. There are nine primary areas in the game, containing a significant number of sub-areas.
Due to the size of the game world, it is relatively easy to get lost in it, so players can always use the auto-path search system.


All over the world, there are separate points for moving to unique event sites and dungeons - remote locations of a forked tunnel type with a linear passage. They contain mobs and bosses that do not live in the normal biomes of the outside world. A feature of these locations is the possibility of completing them and also replayability. Usually, they are associated with certain types of replayable quests, as well as raids.


The towns of Eudemons deserve special attention. These are beautiful and well-sized detailed locations where the player can get quests, make new acquaintances, do side activities and much more. These locations are the main area where NPCs are located. There are nine major cities in the game.

PvP and PvE in Eudemons Online

PvE in Eudemons Online is not typical of classic MMORPGs, but it is similar to the system implemented in Diablo and Path of Exile. The process of killing mobs is casual and woven into the general walkthrough. Locations are overflowing with various mobs, and the player from the very beginning can deal with them with one or two hits. With the proper use of skills, collisions with hordes of monsters will not be a problem for the player.

Also, the game has added the ability to play in a group with friends. This feature allows the player to fight side by side with comrades, as well as go through unique group instances. With the team system, the player can quickly find new teammates, level up, and increase fighting power!
Besides, the game implements one of the unique features that allow you to share the experience acquired by the character with his partners.

The main focus is on the endgame and PvP element of Eudemons Online. The player can participate in PvP battles both while travelling across the game world and in specially designated places, like arenas. Attacks and kills can happen without any reason, which is why the PK system was introduced in EO. As the number of victims increases, the player's name will become blacker and blacker. Those heroes whose name gleams in black can, upon death, lose both experience and precious armour or weapons. That is, the death of any character with a lot of kills increases the chance of a high-quality rare item falling out of him.

Social System

Eudemons Online has a very elaborate social relations system. In addition to the classic ability to add to friends or a group, players can also improve relationships with each other.
Communication between players takes place in the game chat. There is also the possibility of a private conversation between friends. There is a mail function if you need to send a message to an offline user.
Eudemons Online has a unique intimacy and courtship feature. The player can kiss their true love or walk hand in hand with this particular person! It's even possible to invite someone to ride the mount together!


EO has a complete marriage system. Travelling around the game world, players can meet their beloved ones and invite them to marry. The wedding ceremony is as close as possible to the real one, starting from its organization. Lovers can send invitations to other friends, set a date, choose a wedding location, pick up wedding rings, suits and a cake.
After the holiday, the first wedding night is held, allowing the betrothed to have a child. The rearing system of a child is similar to a pet simulator. The child needs constant attention, specific items, and training. As he grows, he will learn new actions like singing, as well as help the parent in battle.
Traditionally, there is a division into clans in Eudemons Online. You can organize your clan only if you reach level 50.
Legions allow you to divide the gained combat experience points among all its participants, as well as participate in special events, clan wars and fight for a place in the overall ranking of legions.
An exciting feature is the presence of over ten different positions in the legion. A player with a particular position has specific responsibilities, opportunities, and bonuses.

Games Like Eudemons Online

Path of Exile is a popular free-to-play multiplayer action-RPG. The player takes on the role of a hero who has been driven from his homeland to a ruined and unfriendly world. Now he has to explore this world, along the way improving his skills, weapons and fighting with many enemies. Among the similar vital features, in the first place, it is worth highlighting an equal belonging to the Hack and slash genre. The exterior of the title also offers gameplay with a top-side view that mimics an isometric projection. During the game, the player explores different levels - both open spaces and labyrinthine dungeons inhabited by various enemies. Destroying enemies and completing tasks for non-player characters brings the player experience points and various items of equipment that can increase the characteristics of the character. PoE is a broader, more sophisticated counterpart to Eudemons Online.
Diablo 2 is a hack and slash action-RPG developed by the American company Blizzard North and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Windows and Mac OS in 2000. At the beginning of the game, there are several character classes to choose from, each of which differs in its own set of skills, initial characteristics, and available weapons and armour. Eudemons Online can be safely called diabloid because the inspiration of the developers of the Diablo series of games is visible to the naked eye. Among the foremost standard features, it is worth noting the graphic component, as well as the same genre as both games.
Lineage II is a Windows MMORPG computer game published by NCSOFT. This is a classic MMORPG with a third-person view, where at the beginning the player creates a character by choosing gender, one of the seven races and an initial archetype. After that, the player finds himself in an open world in which he has to level up his hero. The game is similar to Eudemons Online with identical PK mechanic and basic MMORPG features. Also, Lineage 2 and Eudemons Online have a very similar visual implementation of the fantasy theme.

Eudemons Online Classes

The player can freely choose a class from the seven offered. Each type has its peculiarity. The user can fight fiercely as a warrior, or be a ranger to fight from afar. You can also give preference to classes that use unique skills in battles, such as the mage, necromancer and paladin. Shadow Knight is perfect for those who have always wanted to try playing as a spearman. The Vampire is also the right choice, as this class combines both physical and magical skills.

  • Mages have an excellent command of the element of thunder. As the evil grows, their lightning turns into a giant flame. They use powerful magic to control and attack targets from a distance. They can master the elements, use the Storm to summon cyclones.
  • Warriors start a fight with the sound of a battle horn, not stopping it until the evil is destroyed. They have excellent physical attack and defence. In Eudemons Online, this class is the primary melee class.
  • Necromancers - a group of sages who have cognized the truth of the spirit. Keeping the secret of life and death, they never stop seeking the truth. They have remarkable summoning skills, as well as the ability to transform between two states.
  • Paladins are the main support class. Their arcane skills can shake the souls of demons. Their abilities to master magic, control and strike in the area are outstanding.
  • Vampires are graceful fighters who love to stay in the shadows. They specialize in targeted physical attacks against a single target. With the help of night bats, they can blind enemies.
  • Shadow Knight is a versatile physical attack and defence class. These are protectors endowed with the formidable power of the Dragon Spirit. The spear they wield always crushes all evil wherever it goes. One of their main features is the ability to transform into a dragon.
  • Rangers are smart, fast and elegant fighters. They mostly fight with a bow and arrow. They are quick and usually attack from afar. Despite their weapons, Rangers can feel comfortable in combat with one or multiple opponents as they have AOE-skills.

Eudemons Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible card (Geforce 6600)
  • CPU: 2 GHz Intel Dual Core processor
  • File Size: 20 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible card (Gtx 750)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 processor (or greater)
  • File Size: 30 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10