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EverQuest Review

By BwwDtt | 14 November 2019
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EverQuest is a 3D fantasy MMORPG, developed by Verant Interactive and 989 Studios. It is a first commercially-successful 3D RPG, which turned the idea of MMO games overpopular.

  • The most hardcore classic MMORPG
  • Coop-based MMO mechanics
  • Regular major expansions
  • A striking atmosphere of cruel magical fantasy

EverQuest Gameplay

Everquest is one of the founders of the MMORPG genre, so the mechanics that seem standard to us were a breakthrough at the time the game was released. At 1999, it was one of a kind Coop MMORPG.

First of all, when you enter this game, you should create a character. You have to choose one of the sixteen races, a class, a patron among the gods, and the starting city. There is also an opportunity to change the appearance of the hero.

The Deity choice affects the kind of armour and weapons the character could equip. It also determines the areas where the NPCs friendly or aggressive to hero, because every land has its patron and they compete against each other. There are five hundred zones in the game at the moment. Each area has a unique landscape and teleports to other places.

The events of the game revolve in a fantasy world Norrath, populated by monsters and different sentient creatures. Your main activities in the game are PvE battles and completing the quests. You can also interact with other players, role-play with them or join a guild. The PvP function can be used only in PVP-flagged locations.

The cities of EverQuest are quiet and safe places, but the area around is a PvP zone. It's dangerous and filled with various monsters, that want to attack your character as soon as they see it. You always need to ensure that the character is adequately equipped and well protected. Otherwise, you will quickly become prey of other players and evil creatures.

EverQuest Races

There are sixteen races in the game at the moment. Some of them were added to EverQuest with expansion packs. All of the races are divided on Good, Neutral and Evil.

Good races:

  • Barbarians — strong, brave Northmen, having a unique code of honour and a heightened sense of justice. They are in a complicated relationship with other inhabitants of the North. Moreover, Barbarians hate Ogres, Trolls and Dark Elves with all their hearts. They consider as equals only one race, Dwarves.
  • Dwarves — a strong race of stumpy people. They have a very specific appearance, so they can not be confused with other races. Almost all of them have a long beard; even a woman can wear a small goatee. This race is a friend for Humans, Barbarians and Elves.
  • Halflings — the sneaky beings with a great sense of humour and an unstoppable desire to travel. They have large outstanding feet, and it allows them to move quickly. This race is the friendliest in the world.
  • High Elves — the intellectuals of the elven nation. They're more graceful and tall than the wood elves. High Elves consider usual Wood Elves as their servants, and their relations with rest of the races are pretty cold.
  • Wood Elves — a race of short skinny people with pointed ears. They are in a problematic relationship with the High Elves.
  • Frogloks — the race, added in 'The Legacy of Ykesha' expansion pack. They're great swimmers. This race has an unusual appearance and looks unique and funny, so the players like them.

Neutral races:

  • Drakkin — a human-like race with some traits of the draconic creatures. These children of dragons can breathe fire.
  • Erudite — an another human-like race. They emphasize the study of science and scientific research.
  • Gnome — the masters of creating mechanisms and various machines. They're intelligent and educated, but many people don't take them seriously because of their height. Gnomes are friends with all of the Good races, and their rivals are Trolls and Dark Elves.
  • Half-Elf — the offsprings of the Humans and Elves. They often suffer from the prejudices of their races. Therefore, they live alone and often find no company for themselves.
  • Human — the ordinary race of Norrath. They like almost every races, but they don't like Trolls, Ogres, and Iksar. Humans also have complicated relationships with the Dark Elves.
  • Van Shir — a feral race, their appearance looks very similar to tigers.

Evil races:

  • Dark Elves — one of the oldest races in the world. The dark art of necromancy badly influenced their culture.
  • Froglok — the same race, part of which has united with evil forces.
  • Iksar — the evil lizardmen, one of the most primitive races in the world. They are very devout and hostile to other cultures.
  • Ogre — the race of colossal ugly creatures, remotely resembling humans. They're always hungry and ready to kill.
  • Troll — the ugly and smelly monsters of terrifying power. They are always full of hate. This race is a friend of the Dark Elves.

EverQuest Classes

There are sixteen classes in the EverQuest at the moment.
Tank Classes:
The classes with the high HP rate and well defence. Their role is to distract the enemy.

  • Warrior — the main tank class in the game. They always fight in close melee combat and wear heavy armour to protect their bodies.
  • Paladin — a hybrid of Warrior and Cleric. This class both fights in close combat and casts healing spells.
  • Shadow Knight — a stable and robust tank class. The main feature of this class is that all Shadow Knights should praise the Evil God.

Damage Dealer Classes:
The classes that can cause massive damage to the enemies.

  • Beastlord — a 'pet' class that combines the powers of the Monk and Shaman classes. They know the de-buff spells and uses the healing skills to support the allies.
  • Berserker — a melee damage dealer with a two-handed weapon. Usually, they use great axes to fight.
  • Monk — a melee fighter that able to control the processes in their body. It helps them to escape death in combat.
  • Ranger — a hybrid class of Warrior and Druid. It can use both physical and magical damage. They are as good in melee combat as in ranged.
  • Rogue — a stealth class. The Rogues are close combat melee warriors. Their favourite weapon is a dagger. They can also make venomous potions.

Caster Classes:
The ranged magical class that uses mana to cast different spells.

  • Magician — the masters of summoning and wise adepts of the magic arts. It's another pet class. The Magicians can summon an elemental pet that will be defending them, and then concentrate on the damage dealing.
  • Necromancer — summoners of undead pets. Necromancers should warship one of the evil gods to get their profession.
  • Wizard — the most common ranged class. They have the most severe damage among other caster classes.

Crowd Control and Utility Classes:
These classes are aimed to distract the several enemies at the same time and support the allies with different buffs.

  • Bard — a unique battle musician. The Bards have a wide variety of skills, so they are hard to play by a newbie. They can fight in melee combat, support the allies and sing songs.
  • Enchanter — the expert of crowd control. They're the best at Charming and Stunning spells. The Enchanters also have a wide range of utility spells.

Healer Classes:
The classes with low HP that know lots of buffs and healing spells. They also have some unique class abilities, for example, the resurrection of the allies.

  • Cleric — the most powerful healers. Only they know the Complete Heal spell.
  • Druid — a priest class with the ability to teleport. They can take multiple roles because of their flexible system of skills.
  • Shaman — a healer class with a high rate of damage per second. They can use both offensive and defensive strategies.

EverQuest System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA Ti 4800 or ATI 9800
  • CPU: Intel Pentium® 4 / AMD Athlon 64
  • File Size: 10 GB
  • OS: Windows 7

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA 6800 or ATI x1800
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Phenom II x2
  • File Size: 10 GB
  • OS: Windows 7