EverQuest II will receive an update "Reignite the Flames"

EverQuest 2 Reignite the Flames Update August 25th Screenshot

Tomorrow, fantasy MMORPG EverQuest II will receive tons of new content, adventures, and quests: at August 25th the game will receive a major content update "Reignite the Flames", which was announced by developers a while ago.

Once upon a time, Lord Nagafen help the brave heroes of the fantasy world in exchange for a future favour. Now it's time for adventurers to pay back to the dragonlord and protect his lair, which is attacked by mysterious forces. Players will have to go to the Plane of War, which received plenty of new quests and activities. In addition, the creators of EverQuest II have designed two new raids "Fabled Plane of War" and "Solusek's Eye", and a new heroic dungeon.