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Fable Review

By BwwDtt | 15 January 2021
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Fable is an open-world fantasy action RPG with unique karma mechanics.

  • The system of relations with the NPC
  • Fascinating plot with dozens of side quests
  • Fully customizable playable character
  • A well-developed and filled world

Fable Description

Fable is a third-person action fantasy RPG game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

The game's plot is made in the form of a fairy tale about a hero, with whom the player will have to go through the whole lifeline, from childhood to deep old age. Tragic events lead the character to the hero's path, but which path, good or evil, he will go - will entirely depend on the player.

Fable Gameplay

The gameplay is a combination of classic RPG mechanics, diluted with unique features. The main gameplay is associated with interacting with NPCs, completing the main and side storylines, battles with monsters, etc.

Customization and personalization

Fable provides tremendous opportunities for both customization and personalization of the main character. At the beginning of the game, the player will be able to customize the character's appearance according to the proposed criteria and indicate the primary physical and class characteristics. During the main gameplay, exploring the world, the player will find new elements of appearance, such as new hairstyles, beards, tattoos, etc., which he can change in the future. It is essential to know that a character's appearance will affect how NPCs view them. In terms of personalization, the character will be directly influenced by the lifestyle that he adheres to. For example, overeating leads to obesity, and scars from damage in battle. Excessive drinking leads to motion sickness and nausea. The battle method also affects the hero's skills, in particular his physique.

Real estate system

The game implements a well-developed system of buying, selling and renting real estate.

Fable Real estate system
Having received possession of the house, the player can proceed to its arrangement by purchasing furniture and placing battle trophies in it.

The more money is invested in a house, the more expensive it can be rented.

Skills and equipment

Fable has a flexible class system that does not restrict the player in using equipment of a particular class.

Fable Skills and equipment
The character can use various melee and ranged weapons, as well as use spells.

In the game itself, a wide variety of different types of weapons are presented, ranging from primitive ones like poles to legendary ones. The class and value of equipment in Fable is determined by the resource from which it is made. The more valuable the resource, the better this or that item.

Storyline and side quests

The game tells a fascinating fairy tale tied to family relationships and the rise of a hero. The player will have many plot twists during the passage, but the side quests in Fable are even more impressive. The peculiarity of side missions here is their atypicality and the presence of humour in almost all of them. For example, the player will have to help organize a chicken throwing championship by chasing the pirate's ghost from the venue. In turn, the ghost of the pirate agrees to leave as soon as the player finds his treasure and gives the beloved pirate. Each of the quests tells a uniquely fascinating story that undoubtedly brightens up the gameplay.

The mechanics of fate and freedom of choice

The Fable series is known for its main feature - the mechanics of karma and non-linearity. The game provides complete freedom to choose who the player wants to be - a hero or a villain. The implementation of one way or another lies in the decisions it makes in key moments and its behaviour. So, rescuing NPCs attacked by monsters will improve the hero's karma, and killing citizens, robbery and vandalism will be contrary. Besides, a system of relationships is also implemented here. With the help of various communicative actions, the player will win over the NPC, fall in love with himself, or vice versa, cause anger and self-loathing.

Fable The mechanics of fate and freedom of choice
All this is realized in using any actions next to the NPC, such as dances, greetings, laughter, etc.

Fable System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 256MB
  • Graphics Card: 64 MB shader-capable video card
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz equivalent or greater
  • File Size: 3GB of available hard disk space
  • OS: Windows XP or later