Fall Guys may receive a crossover with brutal shooter DOOM Eternal

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout & DOOM Eternal Crossover Teaser

Judging by all the clues left by the developers, very soon Fall Guys will receive a crossover with a first-person shooter Doom Eternal. First of all, the silhouette in the teaser published by the developers of Fall Guys is very similar to the profile of Doomguy from DOOM Eternal - you can see the flamethrower grenade launcher and heavy armour on the silhouette. Also, Bethesda's Marketing Department Vice President Pete Hines retweeted the teaser published by the Fall Guys twitter account.

Fall Guys Doomguy
The sillhouette revealed by the developers of Fall Guys heavily remined of the Doomguy: it's easy to distinguish the iconic armour design and weapon

Even though Fall Guys is no longer the most popular game in Steam, it's still doing great. It has reached 11 million sold copies on the PC, became the most downloadable game in the history of PlayStation Plus, and now it is preparing for the upcoming winter season. Most likely, it will be announced at The Game Awards on the night of December 10th. You can vote for both of these projects in a user vote PLAYER'S VOICE from TGA right now — less than a day is left until the end of voting.

The new season in Fall Guys is called "Winter Knockout", and it seems to be dedicated to the winter theme. It will feature several new skins, including a penguin and a snowman, which will be available in a free battle pass. The start date of the third season in Fall Guys hasn't been announced yet, but according to the in-game back report, its start should take place in the middle of December 2020.