Fall Guys will receive the crown ranking and new winter season

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Winter Knockout Crown Ranks

Since the release of the simple and immersive MMO Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the game has surely developed a loyal fan base. Especially for these players, Mediatonic Studios have introduced crown rankings and exclusive gold costumes in the third season, Winter Knockout, which starts today, on December 15th.

Crown Ranking is a new way to earn rewards which will be provided to the top fans of Battle Royale. The more crowns you have, the higher your ranking. The ranking will take into account previous wins, and the rewards will not change every season. As your ranking increases, many items will unlock, including exclusive colours and patterns. As the developer notes, no player has yet reached the maximum number of crowns.

Fall Guys Winter Knockout and Crown Ranking
Mediatonic already presented some of the exclusive winter items: there are cute penguin and snowman suits, as well as simple looks decorated with snowflakes

Also, the best players will receive gold versions of iconic costumes — such as hot dog and knight. The developers did not specify what players have to do to receive these outfits. The upcoming winter-themed season contains seven new rounds and more than 30 costumes, as well as fresh features, obstacles and variations. All the details will likely be announced along with the start of the season.

The new season "Winter Knockout" is dedicated to a winter theme. In one of the last trailers, the developers showed a vast number of new winter skins, including a penguin and a snowman. You'll be able to get them in a free battle pass. Also, publisher Devolver Digital and developer Mediatonic unveiled seven new winter levels and more than 30 new costumes. All of them will be decorated in a festive style and bring the atmosphere of Christmas and the New Year in this cute battle royale.

Fall Guys Winter Knockout