Fantasy MMORPG Elyon launched in South Korea

Elyon A:IR Ascent: Infinite Realm South Korea Release

Kakao Games has announced the release of the fantasy MMORPG Elyon, formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm. The project is distributed on a Buy-to-Play model and sells for 9,900 won. The game is currently only available in South Korea, so a verified account is required.

Elyon is an MMORPG from KRAFTON, based on the Unreal Engine 3. Because of negative feedback on the first stages of the CBT, the game has been reworked and redesigned several times. For example, now the aerial content is not as important as before, and the combat system became non-targeted. The game has standard PvP and PvE activities, as well as peaceful activities.

Gameplay takes place both on the ground and in the sky. Personal airships are key, serving not only as transportation but also as a means of pumping and interaction. The player can own a private ship and fight on it. There is also an opportunity to participate in PvP and PvE events as a crew member of a huge factional ship. In addition to ships, there are also Wingsuits, Gliders, Jetpacks, and ground vehicles available to all players.

Elyon is an RvR (Realm vs Realm) MMORPG. The developers promise unique battlefields, allowing the combination of various tactics and mechanics, including ground and air battles from the hero, the use of clan and personal ships, guns, vehicles, vehicles, mines, etc. Players can plan strategic landings using gliding and jetpacks, and much more.

Aircraft can be modified, which involves changing the type of ship, the number of passengers, its appearance, colour, and characteristics. The appearance of the character is also customizable, as are his abilities, equipment, and emotions. At the moment, five playable classes are announced: Assassin, Mystic, Gunner, Warlord and Sorceress. Mentioned the possibility of setting up hunting lands, complexity and even create quests. They did not forget about the system of homeownership with plots of land.