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Felspire Review

By BwwDtt | 17 September 2020
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Felspire is a fantasy MMORPG featuring three playable archetypes and automatic battles.

  • Three Playable Archetypes
  • Automatic Fighting and Peace Research
  • PvE and PvP Game Modes
  • Customization of the Hero's Appearance

Felspire Gameplay

Felspire is a classic Asian free-to-play RPG filled with PvP and PvE game modes, where players immerse in adventure to destroy the evil that threatens the world. With three classes of characters and a system of customization of equipment, players will be able to receive a unique power and take up the most challenging tasks, which in turn will reward them with a decent reward.

Grind in Felspire is entirely automatic, which allow players to move around the map and fight with the enemies without any troubles. The playable characters will be developed automatically, leaving you the right to choose the equipment and direction in development.

The class system of Felspire is represented by three archetypes and many different opportunities for customization. The character in the development goes through five stages; for example, the fighter can be transformed into a knight, then a templar, paladin, and finally transforms into a champion. And each new transformation provides an increase in characteristics and the opening of new quests with game modes.

The magicians are good in long-ranged combat; they use spells, lightning, and power of fire and ice. Archers prefer to strike the enemies from a distance. Warrior is a real well-protected knight who destroys the enemy in close combat. You can create the name of the hero yourself, or choose a randomly selected one.

The game is based on the player's advancement in the main plot, performing tasks for NPCs in the Eremos world, which send the player to the most dangerous and darkest places to end the appearance of evil hiding in the dark. When completing quests, players pump up a level, get new equipment, and discover different functions that increase their Combat Power. This rate reflects how strong an individual player is compared to other players. Getting a high combat strength rating is one of the main goals in Felspire, and some many mechanics and elements allow players to increase this indicator.

Felspire has a lot of features that will make gameplay more comfortable. One of them is an opportunity to make this game play itself while players are away from the computer. The character will continue to complete quests, kill monsters, etc. You can always disable this feature if you want.

Felspire Classes

  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Class 4