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By BwwDtt | 16 March 2021
Average: 7.1 (27 votes) is an open-world MMO game developed and published by WildWorks.

  • Customizable Fantasy Animals
  • Immersive Quests and Minigames
  • Different Realms open for Exploration
  • Open-world and Non-linear Progression Gameplay

The community enjoys plenty of things in, including quests, minigames, exploration and harvesting, sanctuary decoration, making friends, creature customization, and others. The game offers multiple realms, which are entirely separated from each other and allow the players to form unique communities in a safe environment. Some come for the roleplaying, and others may enjoy collecting individual items or customizing their creatures. You can message anyone around you or whisper a personal message to have fun and meet new friends. allows the players to choose one avatar to travel the open-world, and these creatures include Kitsune, a mythological nine-tailed fox. Senri is a feline-like creature, and it is also available as a free avatar for new players. Other avatars include Dragons, Griffins, Shinigami, Werewolves, Jackalopes and other beasts inspired by the Asian culture. Each of those has separate body parts, and you may choose any from a wide range of available examples. You can change the head, ears, horns, arms, legs, tails, wings, and other creature-specific features. also allows you to bend, resize and deform all the character’s parts, and add additional decals and change its colours.

Each character has an experience bar, and you may complete various in-game activities, such as minigames, quests, chests and others, to gain a specific number of points and level up. That allows the players to acquire bonus likes and bundles to interact with’s other players and collect more cosmetics to customize a sanctuary or the character. The rewards also include crafting materials, equipment and accessories. You may use these to create unique items and increase your collection even further. You also have to interact with various vendors to obtain specific recipes and ingredients.

Harvesting is a game aspect of, and it allows the players to interact with specific objects to gather various collectables. It may be crafting materials, secret chests or quest objectives. There are multiple types of settings and kinds of such things. Harvesting points are shown on the global map, and you can find fish in rivers, bark on trees and many other valuable items. Some of them have a short lifespan to collect, and others may spawn on rare occasions. also features various quests for the players to complete, and they add multiple objectives to allow the players to explore new areas and gather unique items.

The game offers the players numerous methods to interact with others, and you can exchange your accessories with other players. features a unique interface, in which you can find any player and request a trade deal. In case both players agree, the game takes you to a separate chat room, in which you may discuss the terms with each other. The rarity of the items allow you to determine the prices, and the game offers four types of it, which are common, cool, rare and epic. You can find these by exploring the world, completing quests and minigames, interacting with non-player characters represented by numerous mythological creatures, and purchasing them from shops. focuses on its community, and it welcomes various types of players. There are many guides ready for newbies, and the project focuses on exploration, interactions with others, collecting rare items and customizing numerous aspects of the environment, including the playable character. The developers continuously support the game by adding more valuables to manage and more areas to explore. System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: Radeon 7000 Series and up
  • CPU: 64-bit processor
  • File Size: 2 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit) / Mac High Sierra 10.13+