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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is a fantasy MMORPG based on the worlds of the mainline Final Fantasy series. The game is made by Square Enix and is a pay-to-play structure that has over 600,000 active monthly players around the world. The game released in 2010 after years of developments and is going strong with players from all countries and systems actively playing around the clock.


Final Fantasy XIV has an epic story that is written by the Final Fantasy team. Your player character has Echo a power allowing them to see past events. The player must adventure through competing nations and learn the truth about their powers. The game has four expansions each with their own core stories that can be purchased to expand the core game. The game features deep customization that allows you to build the perfect other you.

Final Fantasy has 15 classes currently that can be chosen from. These classes fit into the traditional roles of DPS, Tank, and Healer. All classes have branching job upgrades to choose from to help make every player genuinely unique. The game is full of unique skills to combine and dungeons to explore for coveted equipment and extra experience points. The game can easily be played solo or in a party. If your solo then you can work with players in the surrounding areas to complete events called Fates for extra experience. You can also choose to participate in raids or even take on one of the hundreds of story-based side-quests to level quickly.

The core gameplay of this FFXIV is using strategy based attacks that all have reload times. You will have to carefully time out these attacks so that you're not left with a huge opening. Many of the enemies are based on monsters from the core series and have attributing attack patterns. Dungeons all have bosses with unique gimmicks you will need to learn to win. If your not in the mood for battling you can join a free company and even get your room to decorate in-game. There are even non-combat based events and mini-games you can compete in.

This game does feature PvP battles when you reach level 30. You can choose to participate in a battle arena where you will fight several other players. Be advised that this is a pay-to-play game that you have to buy a game disc or download for on top of paying a monthly subscription fee once you reach level 30. All expansions are an additional one-time fee.

Who is it For?

Final Fantasy XIV is an addictively built MMORPG that is accessible to all levels of gamers. It has an engrossing story not found in many MMOs and a diverse community that is easy to transition into. The biggest downside is the pay-to-play model. The game and expansions themselves are a one time purchase, but there is a monthly fee to play. The game is available on both PC and PS4 with cross-system play.