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Final Fantasy XVI Review

By BwwDtt | 08 December 2020
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Final Fantasy XVI is the sixteenth game in the main series of Final Fantasy.

  • Large realistic world
  • Unique art style
  • Dynamic action combat system
  • Deep and immersive storyline

Final Fantasy XVI Gameplay

The plot of Final Fantasy XVI will unfold in the world of Valisthea, dotted with vast mountains of sparkling crystals - they are called "primordial crystals". For generations, people have flocked to them and built kingdoms, and the crystals have blessed them with ether. Thanks to the crystals, the kingdoms prospered, and their inhabitants always lived well.

As a result of endless wars over the possession of the original crystals, five states were formed: Grand Duchy of Rosaria, Holy Empire of Sanbreque, Kingdom of Waloed, Dhalmekian Republic and the Iron Kingdom, and each of them is unique in its culture and ideology. Constant animosity has repeatedly threatened to break the fragile peace between the states, but now they are threatened by something more serious — the Blight.

All over the Valistea scattered Mothercrystals — shining crystal mountains, towering above the surrounding land, giving them the blessing of the air. From generation to generation, people have used these beacons, wishing to partake of their grace, using the air to create magic and live in peace. Each Mother Crystal attracted a colossal power, and for many years an unreliable peace was established between them. But the spread of Blight threatens to destroy this world and consume all nations.

As for the characters, there are three main heroes of this game. The name of the first one is Clive Rosfield, and he is the main character in this game. Being the firstborn of Archduke of the Rosaria, Clive is the shield that protects his young brother Joshua, nicknamed Dominant of the Phoenix. Once Joshua gave Clive the Phoenix blessing, endowing his brother with the ability to command the fire of the Eikons. Alas, events in the world once turned into a tragedy for the brothers.

Joshua Rosfield is Clive's younger brother and also the Dominant of the Phoenix, the Eicon of Fire. The Dominants are special people, where the power of the Eikons lives. The Dominant's abilities allow Joshua to turn into the Phoenix and fight for the flag of his country. And although he was born into a royal family, Joshua treats everyone with kindness — and it's true that since childhood, he somehow has a dislike for carrots.

Brothers are loyal friends of Jill Warrick, who grew up with them. As a child, she was taken from the Northern lands, where she was born, to the union state Great Duchy of the Rosaria, where she was taken under his guardianship by the Duke himself — this was to ensure peace between the two brothers. She spent all her childhood and youth near Clive and Joshua, considered a full member of the Rosfield family.